I tried friends
I felt surrounded but loneliness abode
I was looking for acceptance
Expectations were too high
*I stood no chance

I tried music
It worked…
For a while
The songs that always seemed to capture my feelings
Made me feel all the more*

I was sinking
Spiralling into depression
I was merely existing
No reason to live


Then, stained glass, pulpit, pews.
I found Him.
I’m dead now
Yes, He took over my life
The depression, loneliness, neglect cease to exist
I have a reason to live
No need to grieve
I feel so full of life

Let me do the introductions…
Meet Jesus
My friend, my brother
One like no other
The Lord of lords
Who opens doors
The ancient of days
He does what he says
The beginning and the end
Yes, He’s Godsend
You are
The one who needs Him
Just three steps
I believed
I received
I had faith
I tried?
I tried no more
It’s not too late.

Adewunmi Ifejesu
Official CAP Team Poet

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