#EVERYDAYJESUS is not Judgemental

Am familiar with humanity. I know how much you form bad opinion of others on your first contact. I know you are always in the mood to attribute every single mishap that comes your way to the fornication you were in the previous night, the lies you told and the wrong judgement of me you made years back. Rain falls and destroys your crop and you quickly tell the world that it was I who planned it all…because you did not pay your tithe.

Am patient… following you from one pillar to post begging you to listen to what I have for you…

I am not happy with your sinful nature and I’d rather not be there and serve as the commander that would permit the devil to destroy you in hell though you have one eye, or listen to the devil pouring recriminations on you and watch carry the guilty as your weak nature permits. I want you to know that all that comes your way are aimed at making you mature and to display my works, my might, my solution providing ability to the world.

Never assume that I am angry with you… I love you and would not want to see you suffering for your sins, which I don’t really see.

Allow me to remove the veil from your eyes.

John 6-9


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