Just wondering… (Simeon)

Just Wondering …

I wonder when contributing to all discussions that are floating around you became a mark of your perspicacious nature.
I wonder when crying at people’s word, beating yourself to comatose when it’s like your hope is no more feasible, putting a rope round your neck any these worthless paroxysm of emotions became a sign that you are tender hearted.
I wonder when talking to people harshly, denying them every single thing they politely requested of you, being too spineless became your ID for your formality and strong personality.
I still wonder why someone would believe that excess cholesterol would kill them, that a bullet could put a hole on their chest, that a ruler would help them create a perfect straight line but struggle with the truth that sin kills, that God has need of them and that hell is a big reality.
I wonder how comfortable we can be reading and arguing about politics yet give little attention to studying the bible or even praying for the nation’s survival.
I still wonder how I willingly cause God pain yet he’d still patiently wait for me to return to him, to heal and clean me up.
I was…

…Just wondering.


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