This is going to be a long read but I beseech you to read every word of this. I am trusting God to make it worth every second you spend reading it.

Recently, my pastor preached a message titled “WAKE UP”. He used Matt. 13:24-30 as his text but chose to focus on verse 25. As usual, I listened keenly with rapt attention. He dealt with a very serious issue affecting the Church today. I was challenged by the message such that I had to revisit that text again before I slept that night. I was trusting God to consolidate in my heart, the powerful message I had heard earlier in the day, which was why I was particularly going over that passage again. But to my utmost shock and awe, the Holy Spirit took me from where my pastor dealt with to a totally different dimension of that passage from what my pastor had earlier preached.

As I went through this journey with the Holy Spirit, a lot of questions popped up in my heart. One of them was: WHY DID THE ENEMY SOW TARES AFTER THE MAN HAD SOWN GOOD SEEDS? WHY DID HE NOT JUST KILL THE SEEDS SINCE HE HAD ACCESS TO THE FIELD? (They were actually two questions in one)

As I sought answers to these questions, the Holy Spirit dropped a statement in my heart: The success or failure of our endeavours requires our involvement. It is facile to blame the devil for our mishaps, and shy away from taking responsibility. My friend, just leave the devil and deal with yourself? I’ll leave that alone, I am actually going somewhere with this. Hmmm… an enemy had access to a man’s field, instead of destroying his seeds, he planted fake seeds instead.

Another interesting question was this: HOW DID THE SERVANTS KNOW THAT TARES HAD BEEN SOWN? To further understand why I asked this question, I’ll let you in on a little knowledge about tares. Tares are fake wheat. When they are sown alongside wheat, it is difficult to differentiate them, even as they grow. You only know tares among wheat when the harvest is due. Tares will either not bear seeds at all or bear thorny and bitter seeds. Well, I am still searching for an answer to that. If you have one, feel free to share with me.

Closing in on the crux of the matter I am dealing with, I could not help but query the rationale behind the proposed cause of action of the servants in this passage. As common, natural, normal and mundane as their proposed course of action was, we can relate to it. It may not be far from what you and I would have wanted to do. The truth is that our emotional disposition has a way of affecting our choices and decision. I can imagine how they felt when the master declared “an enemy had done this”. Their response was more about exterminating what the enemy had done than securing the future of the seed.  It is the same thing most of us do when “an enemy” sows tares among our wheat.

Now to what I really want to bring to the fore. I closely brooded on the master’s response and I it was interesting what the Holy Spirit showed me. I struggled with it, but I had to allow it flow as God was showing me something I had not seen from that passage before.

I saw the master as a man who had been able to put his emotions under control that it did not affect his decision making. This was a sharp contrast to the approach of the servants. The master was able to control himself not to make decisions that will help the enemy achieve his goal.

Now tying it to the question I started with, the enemy’s plans may have been to put the man in a situation where in reacting to the issue, he will destroy his seed by himself. Have you not noticed that the devil will not stay in hell and destroy your future, he will rather incite you to destroy your own destiny? All he needs to do is to sow tares of emotional imbalance and watch you react to the point of self-destruction.

But God desires that you be ahead of the game, which is the only way to beat the devil to his own game. Do not fall for his pranks and get so emotionally unbalanced that you take actions that will jeopardize your future. One way to be ahead of the game is to put your emotions under control and do not let them determine your course of action.

God bless you




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