My father is a clergyman. As a consequence, we lived mostly in parsonages. Even if I wanted to, I could not evade religious activities. I grew up getting acquainted with religious activities, to the point where I became bored and wanted to try out something new. I found a way out, or so I thought. I did exceptionally well in the Federal Entrance Examination for a chance to be admitted into any of the Federal Government Colleges in Nigeria. We (myself and a few other classmates of mine who also succeeded in the entrance examination) were given orientation on how tough and rough life can be there, but we did not mind. I particularly did not let the orientation border me because I needed a life devoid of religious activities.

My hopes of a break out was short-lived when my father told me I was to seat for the entrance examination for a seminary school owned by my maiden church. I wrote, passed and was admitted with scholarship for the first academic session. It was nothing that I desired, but God was taking me through a process. I may not be able to tell what would have become of me had I refused to forgo my chance of a break out to attend a seminary, but I can tell you now that my life did not turn out worse. I may not be there yet, but I am grateful God took me through the process that made me who I am today.

Friends, when God takes you through a process, it’s all for your good. The process does not have any guarantee for luxury, but it will surely make you better. The process will not destroy you, but it will distinguish you. There is always a story attached to every glory. Do not give up on God, stay on, it will end in glory.

“During this time now, we have troubles and pain. But I am sure that these troubles are not really very important. They are not really very important because God has prepared much, much better things for us. He is keeping these great and good things for us. And when we think about these great things, our troubles now do not seem important” Rom. 8:18 (EEV).


Please share with others and let it bless them as it blessed you

Stay blessed.       

(Transforming the World through the Word)

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