war room

Okay, this is being posted late but this movie is a must watch. The movie is simply the best.

The movie portrays the power of putting your kneels on the ground to talk to the one who can actually change your story and give you a brand new start.

War room is about a family that thought they knew God because they went to church every Sunday but still were living a miserable life, every other day until God sent someone to them. I would call her the Elijah of her time in the movie, who was preparing a way for the Lord in the heart of people instead of the wilderness.

The movie encourages us to pray, pray for our nation, pray for our leaders, pray a kind of prayer that after we leave a spot people can still feel the Holy Spirit and know someone prayed here. The aim of the movie is to encourage Christians to pray till they receive change in all aspect of their lives and their family. It encourages trust in God and oneness with him (God).

As an individual

As a family

As a man in authority

As a church

The movie is saying we should use prayer to war against every and any situation because that is the only place we as Christians would have victory. God in His word has already promised to bind what we bind on earth in heaven and also lose whatever we lose on earth in heaven. So the request now is Lord teach me to grow my prayer life to be like a sword that would break lose every captive from darkness.
Philippians 4vs6

Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known unto God

Let this be the hanging words over our ears that God is able to change the economy of this nation, change your family situation, heal you. The bible says if my people would humble themself and pray, I would hear from heaven and I will heal their land. 1thess.5vs 17 also speaks of us as Christians to pray without ceasing.

As Christians we should pray more, and the sun would rise again because God is sooooo much interested in hearing our voices each day.


Thank you and I hope you create a prayer alter today…

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