You sip tea
I gaze at stars
You talk Gucci and Versache
I dream of elliptical galaxies
You wonder about the broken CD plates
While I contemplate purpose and the universe
You’re bored with video games
I’m lost in the nothingness of a black hole

That dish is delicious!
And thundering waterfalls inspire awe
That bush track’s filled with soldier ants!
What if  asteroids destroy our planet?
Mary says she’s in love
What is the meaning of life?
And here, we converge

We’re worlds apart
In one world
You’re all over the place, and minding them all
I’m all tucked into mental space, minding it all
We’re looking for it
In different ways

If you race away, slow down to reflect
If you’re stasis-afflicted, dare to take the believing leap
If you are scattered between these, thoughtfully gird your loins
Then fly
Believe, then proceed
Receive, and live, as God’s spirit leads
Striving questions may weaken, may drive to hysterically empty preoccupations
The eternal answer is enough
To calm a raging sea, a stormy soul.



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