Book Review: WALK WITH ME- by Annie Wald



Author: Annie Wald
Book: Walk With Me
Publishers: Moody publishers
Publication year: 2012

If you have enjoyed watching the movie or reading the book Pilgrims Progress, then you might be delighted to have another allegorical work to read (and ponder) through. Using John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress as a model, Annie Wald, a writer of anthologies and short stories, writes about the pilgrimage of two lovers who set out to walk together in marriage as they tread the path to the Kings city.
The story sees Celeste, a lonely traveller from Slouching city, set out on a journey to see the city she had read so much about- the Kings city. As she journeys, she comes upon a gathering hut; she meets Peter, another lonely traveller who had lived all his life in the Upright village, but is also going to the Kings city. Peter, who takes great delight and interest in Celeste, desires to walk together with her. He asks Celeste if he could be the partner she will forever walk with; her response lets them begin the journey of two becoming one. They set out as a couple for the Kings city, trailing the paths set out for them. In the course of their journey, they soon discover how difficult it is as they go through several testing episodes; they have to choose between pressing on together or severing the cords that unify them. Walk With Me paints a comprehensible picture of what it means to go through life as a married couple, and its Christian perspective is borne out by the description of the main characters’ points of departure, and certainly by their destination: God’s eternal city. The book however doesn’t tell us that they make it. I presume it would have made the dénouement so predictable. And this is just one of those spices to a great book- suspense. You’re left suspended. Perhaps its a fitting way to leave the story: if you’re alive, you’re still on that road to the King’s city. Or, I hope you’re on it.
Walk With Me makes a good read for anyone who enjoys finding symbols and matching story descriptions with life experiences, as allegories usually (appear to) require. It has a lot in it for singles on the road to marriage, and the married on the road to the King’s city.


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