As a kid in the Band of Hope, the children ministry arm of my maiden church, I was told that God is an all seeing, all knowing and all doing God. I was also told that God loves me and that I am the apple of His eyes. I was exposed to scriptures that validated this beliefs. I did not only assimilate these teachings, I believed them. I recited these scriptures almost on daily basis. I was reminded of them during the family devotions, at the benediction segment.

As I grew older, honestly, I began to question some of those things I was told in Band of Hope. I could not fathom why I would have to recite “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” during the family devotion and go to bed hungry. It did not make sense to me that I was told “The Lord shall supply all my needs…” and yet I would be flogged and driven home because my Dad had not paid my fees. It was a dramatic dilemma for me, trying to reconcile what I have been told and taught to be true with what I was seeing and experiencing.

I remember leaving my house chores and peeping through a neighbour’s window to watch television because my Dad could not afford one. Those days I used to stop by a barber’s shop on my way back from school to watch television. One of those days, I was watching a Nigerian home video titled ‘Karishika’ at the barber’s shop. The movie so engrossed me that I lost track of time and came back home late. You do not want to know what became of me back home.

Friends, what I am saying is that life can throw darts and arrows on you that makes you doubt if all you have come to believe about God still holds water. Situations confront you and you begin to wonder if God is still the ‘all seeing’, ‘all knowing’ and ‘all doing’ God that you have read about in the Bible. You may have gone through, and even be going through similar experiences as mine or worse. I have come to tell you that all of that is a process to bring out the best in you.

Because he knows the road on which I travel, when he had tested me, I’ll come out like gold

Job 23:10 (ISV)

Whatever you are going through is a process God is taking you through. He knows what is best for you and He will make you better for it.      


Please share with others and let it bless them as it blessed you

Stay blessed.       

(Transforming the World through the Word)


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