Shriveled scene scribbled upon canvass is fading
My old model dumped in dustbin died for up-springing of new flowers
The silhouette stuns, stings, drips tears, then raises fears
Atop absorbed focus on the coming sunrise
Life is coming, is coming to roost
Am I ready for the raid of new revolution?

I put away the stained days I spent wailing for your coming
There is spirit in this fizzy feisty fight put up to live, to put death to flight
I once Idled, let cobwebs sweep through those rims
Now, I’m aiming to  scrape dark patches off final dirt stands
I refuse placid existence, tacit collusion with fate, take courage
The collage college is, I accept, not perfection
The pastiche of Purity’s prefecture is ever presently metamorphosing
But now that I’m living, I’ll never let Death come back
Never! Never! Never!

The material as centre is atrophy in the making
Give your all to toys, things and themes, and try time, for fruits
See the project tail off into disappointing void
But I’m alive now, won’t take stop-start for norm
My hope is born again, is brand new, glitters in sunshine, getting brighter

You, Lord, have planted desire where dead sooth chambers once were
Once fearful of living, now becoming fearless of death
The track is thin, but you made me fit in
Put springs in my steps, helped me fight the fight of faith in joy…
Thank you so much!

Today I look through the window, and see hope
The dust covered roofs, rain will wash clean
So I look out, and see clean roofs instead
And smile


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