(Street Credibility)

It happened that, regrettably,  the Christ-figure has been made to look a concept that only trend on Sundays/Christmas seasons; in chapels and cathedrals. So, all expressions in synch with that concept solemnly falls in place on those days; oh my!

“Mehn! Service was awesome. Felt like I got a room in heaven! Jesus is Lord! Amen, already!”

Christmas day lines could have been like;

“Nah-Nah, not today! C’mon,  it’s Jesus’ day… Respects! ”

After which, we switch connections; so erratic! Monday to TGIF makes no God-sense. It’s business as usual; it’s our life to groove; we’d make it up to God (probably).


Our dress sense;
Our Conversations;
Our thoughts;
Our engagements/business deals;

How much of consistency do they potray?

John 1: 14.
The Word became flesh and blood,
and moved into the neigh­bour­hood…”

He didn’t just stay cool in Church to revert in the hoods.

He didn’t live a clueless life awaiting the Pastor’s rhema per Sunday.

John 1:4.
“In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.”

It’s been guys. Enough of the chameleonic stance. It’s not just the DAY of the LORD. It’s EVERYDAY of the LORD. Representation is proffered in the “non” context. You see the need, then you arise in defence.

All I see these days are “Churchies” and “Sun-dallies.” If we carried him into the chapel; did we leave him there? What about the hoods, the streets? They don’t need no Jesus?

It isn’t just MTN, everywhere we go;
We GLOw, everywhere we go.

Think about these things.


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