EVERYDAY JESUS is the same

There were no interruptions
Silence imploded into infinity
Until even my thoughts bleached
The slasher of my grin inhaled my anxiety
Savoring my frantic attempts
To be calm
To be useful
To love.

Recently I attended a large denomination’s branch in my town (let me not name names) and I heard the pastor say things like, ‘If you don’t thank God when you pray he will not hear you.’ and ‘This is your year to build those houses, and buy those cars…’ and other stuff I’ve deleted.
Now of course these are the kind of things that vex me so one of those times, I prayed and asked The Father,’ when will these people think differently?’
He replied, ‘I have made you as you are, able to grasp truth and renew your mind easily and quickly. That’s what I made you. You are not alone in my gifts, as you know, there are those everywhere who know, respect and commune with me.’

I interrupted,’Lord, is it pride to be pleased that I am one of these your chosen ones?’

‘No, its not. Pride would be lording it over them to the point you separate yourself from them.’

There were no interruptions
Silence had borne its children
Until a sour baptism of longing
The Longer waited until this When
To end the silence
To noisy it
With Truth.

Ephesians 1
Colossians 3
1Corinthians 1


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