LIFE: The Definitions.

LIFE: The Definitions. by Egwu Nnanna Echem

Life is sincere, when the divide of your actions and intentions becomes as thin as thinness; when you make no pretense about your allegiances, when your diaphragm easily expands and contracts with delight whenever you speak since you have demonstrated over time a faithful link between your heart and the words of your mouth.

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LIFE: The Definitions.

Life is beautiful, when great moments form a tapestry of consonance; and you blink times without number to see the world refresh as if you pressed the F5 button on your windows PC then the world comes alive again.

Life is good, when you not only make yours good with LG accessories/gadgets but extend goodness with a smile to those near and far in your words, deeds and helping their needs; when you become the testimony of many, the reason for many to look up to a perfect day.

Life is brave, when you go beyond the status quo to attain great heights you were once afraid of; when your dark sides are pushed aside by the light of knowledge as the sky becomes a stepping stone.

Life is insane, when you  wake up to know that the one you love just bid farewell and time keeps ticking even as you think of it; when your childhood flashes back to memory like yesterday only to be dressed with clothes of mistakes and stains of safety and the only rays shining through are that  of regrets, and pains.

Life is expectant, when you stumble, fall, get bruised, but you gather courage to crawl, stand, walk and run again jumping over the hurdle of your past as you fly across milky way galaxy… only to be hit this time by the asteroids. The stars stare at you expecting greater than before.

Life is fast, when you blow your candles and remember 365 plus 1day has just flashed by with your body having enough certificates of scars, tears, sweats, wrinkles, stiffness and your hearts’ ware-house keep all that eyes cannot see and the tongue hard to explain and the clock keeps winding down.

Life is colorful, when you are surrounded by different shades of relationships: family, friends, and the love of your life that you soon get contempt and take for granted… for familiarity sake. Until your world goes sepia and they come back to add that beauty you once threw away.

Life is Ironic, for the so called simple and most unnoticed gifts are what make it full: From the drop of water to the breath you breathe as nature unfolds daily and the cosmos in silent motion.

Life is a gift, when God gave his only begotten son, Jesus: to die in place of the world. The same world that was created through him, for him and without him wouldn’t have been created; in him was Life and that Life was the light of Men- You, me and them.

Life is whatsoever you make out of it… But without Jesus, it’ll be NOTHING!

“I am the way, the truth and The LIFE”- Jesus Christ 

Is HE part of your Life’s’ definition?

“Written during my pursuit for life’s meaning and purpose, knowing that we all have lesser than a second” –Egwu Nnanna .E

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