EVERYDAY JESUS is excellent

If you did not receive the spirit of excellence last Sunday, I bet you had gone out for lunch during the sermon.
So brother Daniel filled with excellence had no other option but to paint the he lived in with standards that marked him out as an Excellency even before he got a portfolio. A wonderful administrator through whom the king had no other option but to suffer no loss, a powerful dreamer and visionary that foretold the future and interpreted the artful handwriting on the wall as though it was just an ordinary ABC.
Looking at the marvelous works big Daniel did, am forced to ask, “Did he have an all-round-excellent Spirit?” of course the answer is yes. The excellency he carried in his belly was made manifest in the things God wanted to use to achieve his glory through him. Though he was operating under the spirit of excellence, he was never tagged a wonderful musician or a great man of war like David whose manifestation of excellence was not just in been a caring, loving shepherd but also in the skillful manipulation of harp and spiritual downloading of soul lifting song directly from the throne of grace and deftly taking down brother Goliath.
And am like,”who is this excellent spirit we are talking about?” The holy spirit is the spirit of excellence, so if you have the holy spirit having his majestic mansion sited within you, you are bound to be excellent. Imagine elder Jesus Christ whom Beloved John recorded had the spirit of god without measures, he could talk three volumes of life with no flaws for the Pharisees to nail him with yet he could by the same words change people like my very brother Mathew who was nothing near goodness. Why was all these possible? The excellent spirit he received needed to be manifested not just in oratory but also in signs that followed him everywhere he went.
So like Daniel, we could be excellent in our academics, we could like David give the world thousands of songs that would take away despair, and we could end up been great fishers of men like Paul who braved through challenges to take the gospel with power to the gentiles, we could make books without end like  our most brother Solomon who filled with world with wisdom, we could be more excellent than shakespare because the spirit of excellence is in us. But remember this, “you can only manifest excellence in the areas God intend to move the nation through you.

By: Simeon


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