Day after day, I sit on the couch. My favorite place, and start watching. Hour after hour, I flip from channel to channel, I scroll with a smug on my face, I compare lives situations, circumstances, beginnings and endings. Of good people, bad, successful and the not. Creme de la creme, less priviledged ‘so cool! Ugh! Not cool!’, I say. Not realising, obviously I’m the worst. Unwatched, unlaughed at, even unfrowned at. Depend on what I’m given; smiling when smiled at, smiling when frowned at. My world full of plastic smiles. My future a gaping void, created by negligence, widened by overindulgence, and finally established by being a vision watcher- a couch potato. Then when life’s light goes off, my only memories will be fragments, of other people’s achievements. Then! I blame the couch! The economy! Every other thing! ….. Oh no! Can’t be my fault! Holding the candle for others, not lighting mine. When I wake from my terrible slumber, there’s already enough light, for all and sundry. As you percieve, they don’t need me. Such are the proceeds I get from trading my visions For a Couch!

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