A Death and A Letter

2nd Daniel

This is a letter.

Written in replacement,
Yet original and single.
I had lost a light, 
A crown born from trouble.

One day I ask myself if it really is true when it is said, ‘opportunity knocks but once’? Is it truly so that throughout our few years on earth,  God is planning, for a few moments?

I thought of how I got saved by one man’s obedience, how I ignored that same sacrifice and yet as I jerked and backslid forward into the Democratic Republic of Damnation, screaming ‘it’s my life’ to the one who gave me life… His mercies still renewed every morning.

I am not the me I used to be and I am no me without him. So it would make sense that I live an eternal servant of the King who saved me from stabbing myself to death from the broken pieces of my heart…

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