Folding Tables

Have you ever been in New York City and seen one of those tables filled with fake Gucci and Armada? They look and feel the same as the real thing.  What percentage of that purse is different than the real thing?  What percentage of that purse had to be made to look real, in order to trick the buyer?

God tells us “no man can judge”.  We generally use that scripture selfishly in order to rebuke people for telling us when we do wrong.  When God says something he means it for exactly what it is. ” No man can judge”.  There is a period there.  It doesn’t say “no man can judge evil”.  It says “no man can judge”.  He means good or evil.  Man cannot judge one or the other, good or evil.  Only God has the ability to see if a mans seemingly good actions are truly selfless.

For example.  I could look to a whole town like I am doing a christian thing by carrying groceries across the street for a person in need.  What they may not know is that I noticed that there is a known wealthy business man watching me and I am trying to impress him in order to get a loan for a business that I will end up using as a means to selfishly gain prominence, wealth, respect, and general lofty looks from those around me.  Ultimately that business is satan’s tool to keep me from tarrying in the mind of Christ.

So when you see a fake Gucci purse do you know whether it cost $30 dollars or $3,500?  Are you willing to allow Christ 1 hour everyday where you can devote yourself to connect with him in personal study time.?  In personal prayer time?  God is sensitive to love and if you do rightly in his eyes your work will not be in vain.


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