Title Number 2

Your plans are altogether awesome

Your ways are wise and better than mine

The earth is His footstool and people are His body

but we wait calmly when surrounded by the enemy

For we are as gold refined in the fire seven times

I will forgive my brother seven times seventy times     Shalom

And bless my enemy more

God is my rock and it is through Him

That I have my deliverence

By: Gleaning The  Scriptures


Desire, Thought, Plan, Action. Where Am I In Control?

It is in the mountains and in the air,

I see it everywhere: the trees, at school, and out and about on the trail

the heathen see power in everything, they see themselves as being in control

harnessing that power and using it for their selfish desire

Lord keep me from being a heathen

Do I make my own desires?

My Lord protects me, and My Lord does what The Father is doing

He puts His power where it is needed

He loves me when I am astray

and He loves me when I am away

He loves me right in His arms

and When I am on the path and in The Way

The Truth, The Life.

Do I make my own desires?

When I see a woman is it up to me if I want her or not?

When I see a boat for sale is it my choice to desire it?

Lord, you give me strength

You give ability and an eye that sees the world as your creation

a creation where I can bring others closer to You

Do I make my own desires?





Determination and Endurance

Here is a point driven towards from two scriptures, one in Joel and in king David’s last words as recorded in 2 Samuel 23.

The momentum of life (not that life, life as in the energy)

The blossoming of energy, in it’s tenacity

It is not a firework

It is like the morning sun

Or Directing words from a Dad who truly loves His son or daughter.

Who speaks not so as to please men,

But God who tries our hearts


  • In Joel

What the chewing locust has left, the swarming locust has eaten

What the swarming locust has left, the crawling locust has eaten

What the crawling locust has left, the consuming locust has eaten

  • In Samuel

he who rules over men must be just, Ruling in the fear of God.  And he shall be like the light of the morning when the sun rises, A morning without clouds . . .

The Deep

Into the depths

Where all your secrets are kept

down,   down,   down

Where all the secrets are kept


Take courage in the truth

and know that in Christ you are free

If you are willing to obey

fret not, for in Him you are still only a youth

He forgives us from our sins and sets us free?

But what does that mean?

Is it a reality to you?

Do you ever feel shame?

When you dive deep within

Where the secrets are kept?

Do you feel that?


Shame is a product of sin

And harboring it

Only rots and kills from within

Building walls around those things

Drives you from the truth

Like when Adam hid

Knowing that he felt naked

That is shame

Knowing you have done wrong

and avoiding the discomfort of dealing with it.


Take courage in the truth

God is calling, are you willing to give in to that call?

Are you tired of hiding?

Are you tired of building the wall,

Around the darkened deep?

Where all the secrets that you keep

like a wedge drive you further, further

Further from the truth?


from love

from light

from Godly friends

from Godly fellowship

from Our Father in all truth!

If a man will receive his life

he must first give it up.

you can never understand until…

you take his hand

Give it up

And be baptized


And pour His life in you

To those who He calls you to


Lord, my Lord,

The God who is My Redeemer

The God who has formed me from the womb

Your hands are filled with wonder

Your mind cultivates the words of life.

My God Jesus Christ, is sensitive to love yet all powerful.

My heart trembles,


when He shows me His unending power.

Like a freshly crumpled piece of paper

Inching . .

It’s .. ..

way ……


Yah we are gracious

That you have made our hearts and our minds potential soil for your words of truth.

Those truths sprout and blossom as we are given opportunity to grow to Him.

The fabric of His kingdom is potentially all around us.

Our obedience ,

Our love,


that fabric real.

Yah grant us wisdom and then strength

In your holy name.

Folding Tables

Have you ever been in New York City and seen one of those tables filled with fake Gucci and Armada? They look and feel the same as the real thing.  What percentage of that purse is different than the real thing?  What percentage of that purse had to be made to look real, in order to trick the buyer?

God tells us “no man can judge”.  We generally use that scripture selfishly in order to rebuke people for telling us when we do wrong.  When God says something he means it for exactly what it is. ” No man can judge”.  There is a period there.  It doesn’t say “no man can judge evil”.  It says “no man can judge”.  He means good or evil.  Man cannot judge one or the other, good or evil.  Only God has the ability to see if a mans seemingly good actions are truly selfless.

For example.  I could look to a whole town like I am doing a christian thing by carrying groceries across the street for a person in need.  What they may not know is that I noticed that there is a known wealthy business man watching me and I am trying to impress him in order to get a loan for a business that I will end up using as a means to selfishly gain prominence, wealth, respect, and general lofty looks from those around me.  Ultimately that business is satan’s tool to keep me from tarrying in the mind of Christ.

So when you see a fake Gucci purse do you know whether it cost $30 dollars or $3,500?  Are you willing to allow Christ 1 hour everyday where you can devote yourself to connect with him in personal study time.?  In personal prayer time?  God is sensitive to love and if you do rightly in his eyes your work will not be in vain.


The Lord whose hand stays the waters
The Lord that blossomed life with His word
His command moves the air where He wills
The land is solid because He told it to be

Life sustains because of His mind
His love we need yet run we try
His promises are signed with colors in the sky
The waves of the sea? don’t move freely

The sand of the shore
The animals that fly
The relationship between Him you and I
Its all a part of His mind

Lord we submit and we are afraid
Hard times will come
But the road You lead us down
Ends at home
At rest in Your Son
Until the day He returns

We want to love you
Show us we don’t so that we can
Jesus please hold my heart, mind, and hand