When life seems dark
And the wisdom of men have failed
How about Grace?

A young teenager
Dropped out of school
With an unplanned child
On the verge of being disowned
By the only ones she calls her own
How about Grace?

Another, depressed from the news of having divorced parents
Carrying a burden of responsibilities as the first son
And pressures from cults in school
How about Grace?

Yet another, what should be termed ” JOY” alone
Is mixed with sadness all along
When all options seem futile
Thoughts of suicide skim your mind because you don’t belong
In that battle where evil should win because the soldier has lost his shield
How about Grace?

When this habit or rather addiction
Makes it evident that by flesh shall no man prevail
How about Grace?

Well here is this fountain
Purchased by a priceless blood
In surrender to all ideas, races and decisions and possible solutions
To the perfect source of help
To be in peace, salvation
This is Grace

Grace is his name
This is He that calls you
He loves and predestined you to be justified and glorified in Him
How about Grace?
Why not turn to him

-Azubuike Hannah


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