As we sat eating peacefully at the table
I, my darling and my children
Kataboom! ketekete! came the sudden sound of gunfire
A peaceful moment was turned into chaos

At night we couldn’t stay there anymore
We packed our few belongings
And scrambled to the bush for safety
With my darling in tow

Suddenly I heard an anguished cry behind
I turned and saw my darling
Clutching his chest, his mouth spurting blood
by a ghastly wound made by a stray bullet

My sun went black, my moon wept blood
The clouds poured acid rain, as my darling said, “run”,
I left my darling, lyin gin the dust
Smiling sadly at me, before giving up the ghost

I stumbled blindly on, led by my distraught children
Tears blurring my view, sorrow clouding my reasoning
Till I could run no more, and we found a place of hiding
Far, Oh! so far away from my fallen darling

Nights later, when I crept out to get some supplies
I saw the infants, toddlers, young and old
kissing mother earth, sleeping to rise no more
My heart sank in utter despair

Stifling a sad cry, I strip them of their clothes
For my children – the dead won’t need clothes anyway
As I crept sadly back, since I couldn’t find food
My legs kicked a papery object, and I picked it up curiously

Laughing mirthlessly, seeing what it was
It can be used for fuel, if it can’t be eaten as food
I trudged on to refuge, safe in the arms of the bush
Since I couldn’t sleep, I sat up to read the queer book

I read of a supreme being called God, creating the world with words
“Surely, these people cant be serious. Unbelievable and far-fetched!”
I read of a God in form of a man (“really?”)
coming to die for mankind, sacrificing Himself

“Ha! This is ridiculous! how is it possible?”
However, as I read on, tears crept slowly out of my eyes
I read of His love, His compassion, of His sorrow and HIs temptation
of HIs battery and His crucifixion, and I felt my voice catch a little

Somewhere, somehow, like the dripping of dew,
Peace trickled slowly into my heart
clutching the book, I devoured more of its contents
to draw more peace-drops

Well, if Jesus actually did this, then I have hope to the extreme
That’s how He came into my life, after hours of reading the book
I gave my heart to Him, and my heart was set free from sorrow
My heart became clean, I felt alive, and felt happy! Yes!

I no more missed my darling so much
cos I have a new, most precious, darling
His name is Christ Jesus
Oh! my Darling

(I’ve got to introduce Him to my children right away!)

#bursting forth

2 thoughts on “WAR: OH! MY DARLING

  1. Godswill says:

    “…read of His love, His compassion, of His sorrow and HIs temptation of His battery and His crucifixion”

    Amazing imagery!
    What makes it all worth it is He is risen


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