Big words, big thoughts
Two minutes gone and your head is in a whirl
But your heart now rules over your head
A while ago you could swear you had control
Yet the reality yells its judgement at you
Guilty as charged!

We had them 4 laws in physics
Formed to thicken our brain linings
Irrational is how the studies reflect
what we already know
But, lemme do the fill-ins : -motions-
Made to move in a particular direction

Passion of the Christ,
But we replace the ‘Christ’ and reprogram our thoughts
So we end up drowning only in these E-motions our sites have created, as we fall through our minds

So, a single working of my little mind
Sent me spiraling down the ocean floor
Sucked into depths unimaginable
Singing the widow’s dirge
Till God with His mighty hand
Lifted me up and made me stand

They say “buckle up, be a man”
Though keeping it all in seems hard
I wish I could put down this façade of strength
“If I let You in, just maybe you could help”
Told it to Jesus and just like that
He fixed me and taught me what it really meant to be a man

When I felt He left
I coulda sworn I was a walking casket
Tears, frowns, blood flowing through gowns
As I run to meet my pastor
I poured all my thoughts but felt wasted
Like putting red wine into a basket
But when I reconciled with Grace
’twas worth breaking my box of alabaster



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