I had an alabaster box. It contained some ointment, a very fragrant and rare perfume. I have kept it for
years, hoping that sometime, someday, I might find a good use for it. It was an ointment of excellent fragrance, very rare and expensive. I knew it was meant for noble use.
Each time I attempted to pour it on myself, I felt a check in my heart. A restraint from an invisible hand, urging me to wait. Many have come to beg for this precious ointment I owned. You see, my heart is very tender and I am
philanthropic at heart yet I knew from deep within that this ointment was for service beyond the realm of philanthropy.
My most trying moment came when my own dear brother became ill. We did all we could but he only got worse. We spent all we had on medication and hospital bills. All, except my box of ointment. My sister urged me to sell the ointment to keep our brother alive.

“Please do something” she cried,

“Our brother is all we have. Don’t let him die. Even if he should eventually die, let’s make the world know that we did all we could to keep him alive.”

But deep within my heart, I also knew that there was a higher purpose for this ointment. This box of perfume was all I had. I was not prepared to pour it to service myself. In the same way, I refused to pour it on my family. This caused a great misunderstanding. Folks called me names. It hurt. But I refused to yield. This ointment was for a service beyond my family.

I was consoled by a story I had heard of a prophet long ago, who died leaving a cruse of oil. I wondered why he did not sell or use it. Perhaps the same invisible hand which restrains me now, cautioned him then; I was amazed when I realized that that cruse of oil saved the day, when his family would have been sold to the yoke of slavery. The oil became a miracle seed that preserved a memorial for his name. So I refused to heed the “voice of reason” as they called it. I kept my ointment for the day when it would serve its higher purpose.


I never saw a man so powerful and yet so gracious: so gentle and yet so firm. With a word of command from His lips, all the demons which had troubled my life from childhood, took to their heels in flight. He released me from the power of darkness, and brought peace and meaning into my life. What I loved most in Him was not even the stupefying miracles He did. I just loved to hear the gracious words that flowed from His lips. Like cold water to the weary soul of a traveler across the desert, His word refreshed and restored my fainting soul. Many a time when He
would come to visit with us, I would forget hospitality and sit at His feet to catch those gracious words of life that flowed freely from Him.
He did not mind this at all. I came to realize that listening to His word of grace was more satisfying to Him than the hospitality of food and drink. As I sat and listened to Him, the fog cleared from my heart, suddenly, I could see: This is the one I have been waiting for. All my life I have searched for reality. But now, I see reality stare me in the
face. My heart skipped a beat. Could it be? Could He be the answer to the questions of my life? Just a look at His lovely face, all the eruptions of my troubled soul calmed. Oh yes, my heart said YES. This is the man we all have been waiting for. O my heart, take your rest in Him. Your search has come to an end. And then I remembered my box of ointment. Yes, it suddenly became clear: This is where to pour the perfume of my life. I have saved it all my life.
Pouring the fragrance of my life would never amount to a waste. It is not for family, it is not for friends. Only He is worthy to receive it. My heart said yes, my soul said yes, my body said yes, pour it on Him. I got up and ran inside. To the secret place where I hid my box of ointment. I brought out the box. I thought to open the lid. But there was such ecstasy in my heart. I could not wait. I loved Him so much. I broke the box! I wanted Him to have every drop. I
poured it all on HIM. He sat and watched in silence. He was so calm. The fragrance filled the room. I felt glad and fulfilled. I had poured all I had on Him whom I loved. I was satisfied.
Then for a brief moment I looked away from Him, and what did I see? O! My heart sank: Frowns on every face. Indignation even from the most devoted of His followers. My God! Have I made a mistake?

YES!” they all chorused


This waste? I wondered. I didn’t like the look on their faces at all. Don’t they understand?
“Understand what?” they retorted.

“This perfume could have been sold for so much, and given to the poor. Now you have wasted it. Why are you so over-zealous? We knew this man before you. Are you trying to prove that you love Him more than us all? Or do you think that even we do not have precious things in our homes? We are wiser that you are. We are saving our own for the rainy day, when we, our families or the poor shall have need. That’s the problem with you women. All you have is zeal without knowledge”.

I tried to explain, but they shut me up. One of them was particularly vehement. He seemed to be the purse keeper. He particularly shot many arrows of word at me. I could take no more. I began to cry. Then I looked at HIM again, and through my tear-soaked eye, I could see, a smile. A reassuring look. I could see contentment on His face. He is so different. My heart melted afresh in love and adoration for Him, and I resolved within my heart never again to look away from Him.

“Judas! Leave her alone. She has wrought a good work upon me. I will never forget what she has done.”

If I had wings, I would have flown to heaven at that instance. Bubbles of joy burst within my heart as I came to understand two great truths:

  1. It is only a life that is broken and poured on Him that has and eternal memorial.
  2. When you pour your life on Him, don’t look at the faces of men. They may not approve. Keep your focus on Him, else men may make you feel bad by calling your consecration a waste.
    Hope you have enjoyed my little story. I must leave you at this point. Let me presume you know my name. We are members of the same family of those who love the KING above all else. But before I go, I have a question for you:

(Culled from LIVING SEED VOL 14 NO. 1)

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