3 brothers one coming after the other
Past, present and future after one comes another
I had my present with me my future awaiting its turn
I had no business with the past, he was gone and out
But one day I had an august visitor
Knock knock… who’s there? I asked
Just me replied he, your old friend past
My blood ran cold, thinking back, he hadn’t been the best for me, my past had given much pain and sorrow
I had been ashamed of him, tried forgetting him
Concentrating on my present as I earnestly prayed for my future
But he kept on knocking, with his sugar-coated tongue he reminded me of what we both shared
I was tempted, my present encouraged me to open the door
Betraying me and my future who continued pleading that I do not

Its only for a moment I said,
So I opened the door, smiling broadly he walked in and took over my heart
Pushing away the present, he let me fall back in those acts I had so enjoyed
Yes I opened the door and enjoy I did
Losing myself in my past I gave myself to him
Taking his hands he took me on a tour to our time down memory lane
Telling me how I missed him and I realized I did so
I walked and I enjoyed the walk, every step brought me deeper and farther away from my present and future calling out to me
Its just for the now I told them
But I did see the past smile behind his teeth
And I took the bait. Hook line and sinker
Till one moment turned into a habit
Hand in hand we kept on descending

I was lost, alone and afraid
I called out for Him but got no answer
Turning back I realized the present and future were no longer there
Cos they left, they were gone , leaving me empty
I realized I lost the present and future the day my past came knocking and I let him in…
Odimbu Promise Buchi



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