You are what satan has always wanted to be, to be a ruler. Satan was sent parking out of heaven because of this power tussle. He came to earth thinking he (satan) would rule in the earth. But God made man to rule in the earth over everything, satan inclusive. This made satan mad at man, and deceived man out of man’s divine position, and became the god of this world and started controlling man. But thanks to our loving God that has restored us to this position again and made us far better than we were in the first Adam. Anyway this is only so in Christ Jesus, who is the second and the last Adam.

So, get this clear, no matter who you are, if you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you are certainly under the rule of the devil, whether directly or indirectly. And please, don’t ask the question of why Jesus. The Creator of heaven and earth, including you, decided it to be that way. So, you had better abide by that. You may not anyway, if you are the creator of yourself. I hope also that you will be able to defend yourself before God on the day He unleashes His wrath upon everyone who didn’t accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour, according to His design.

Be wise!


Adebayo Funmi

8 thoughts on “A CALL TO RULE!

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