Day and Night

My heart pounders,

My soul wonders,

My spirit searches for truth;

Truth about what my God may want  so that my heart may not want after that which is not true nor real.

Everyday passes by,

Yet my soul hungers more,

And my spirit thirst the more,

For a greater path of you;


The deeper I go in life,

The more I need to know about you.

What then can satisfy my quest

Quest for knowledge such that I request

That my understanding be enlightened

To know the deep mysteries of heaven.

Day and Night,

I want to know you more,

I want to unravel the secrets;

The secrets behind your love,

Just like a lover seek to know his love,

So my being searches to know you in all.

My love for you staggers each day

Yet your love for me

Keeps flowing like springs of waters

Such that never runs dry

My heart pants to know you better

My spirit longs to connect to you.

My soul leaps to dance in your presence

In all thy goodness,

I still feel like l’ve never known you for once.

Satisfy me oh Lord, my love

Satisfy me with all that I need to be yours!!!

 Macaulay Priscilla

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