I never expected anything like this

If there was to be a HAGGLE between my will and His I would never have BARGAINED for this
A strange being growing steadily in the belly of my espoused wife




Life to His BRETHREN

Try having stone as BREAD-THEN you would see that this was not easy to swallow.

It seemed Mary was having a LION’s share of this predicament so I could BEAR to hang on for nine months, just so I would see what this little task that came by night would look like at TWILIGHT. My whole expectation of joy in marriage have suddenly been ECLIPSED by burden, like aligning the sun with the moon I was confused and groping in darkness, hoping that all of this SAGA just like my wife’s water would BREAK-IN-DAWN.
But then again, I had to endure another night of a weir wolf duel.

A tax payment trip to Bethlehem and Mary birthed Him. He who the angels proclaimed was to be named Jesus, Messiah, Holy One, I was in much anticipation I desired to look upon a God. I expected His birth to be like Glory rising, in royalty, magnificence I wouldn’t have been shocked if He was born with a crown to His head but instead when I looked in those eyes all I saw were twinkles.

Twinkle, little stars
I needn’t wonder what you are
For though you came from up above the world so high
Like a simple child you appeared in our lives

Right there, right then, I knew I had found a treasure, a diamond in a child so precious I would run half way across the world to keep Him safe from Herod. I protected a God, YES!!! I never had a normal marriage, but this junction is where my simple life of carpentry collided with God’s spoken word by His prophets and I became the one relevant carpenter in Bethlehem.

My name is Joseph

And I am here to tell you that as sure as darkness never outshines light, Though it might seem like the GOOD ROAD-HIGH SPEED-CAR RACING of your life is becoming a BAD BUMPY-SLOW MO-DONKEY RIDE, and you have fallen off the cliff into a stampede that leaves you picturing your MUFASA’s death, and it SEEM-BAD with everyone like dear uncle SCAR watching, remember that you are the KING’S SON and you would be the LION KING when all of this dust settles.

For no scar, no stampede, no darkness and no dust can outlive the one I have come to reintroduce to you.

I have come to reintroduce Him to you because it seems as those He gave His life to live are yet to realize that they have become living beings, still living off the leavens the Pharisees have been leaving them, leaving the love life left for them to live by the Living one, licking LIME and BITTER LEMONS, tasting but sour GRAPES allow me to heal your liver so you can take in His divine Grace for life in Christ is SWEET


He is THE VINE, you are His branches
If he is DIVINE that makes His branches same. Start acting like the Spirits you are 

Stop putting to shame your High priest. Just because your PLANE has crashed and you are LOST or you have been constantly SKIPPING MEALS like someone practicing for the HUNER GAMES doesn’t make God is dismayed in your situation see casts are going up you should give Him some credits

Make Him director, producer, script writer, let’s leave this whole movie to Him and do all that we have been called to “acting and costumes”

Dress up every day in full assurance that someone is in total control, His pain is your gain and I would say this again and again, JESUS ROCKS

The celebration of His first breath (CHRISTMAS) to the time He fulfilled His purpose should make you see the distance from a birth pang to an ‘it is finished’ on the cross so when your life becomes crossed and tangled always remember that God’s plans and purposed for people prevails

TRUST GOD NOT YOU, TRUST ONE NOT TWO, and He has spoken better things to abound for you in Christ now if you would put your whole faith on His ABIDING WORD nothing would be able to THUG at this.

Once again I am Joseph, the one relevant carpenter in history

God’s word, God’s sword, God’swill God will make you relevant wherever you find yourself today.

Listen to this, reason a bit

If LIFE ETERNAL could come in something as common as a manger, how ironically possible can God be in seemingly impossible situations?

God bless you.