It started from January
Without a salary
We ate from hand to mouth
Our Landlord sent us out

We spent a lot during Christmas
Now I can’t buy ordinary slippers
My children had to go to school
So I had to sell my working tool

Next month, I lost my job
I was attacked by a mob
I lost my only car
And was constantly in a bar

Next month, my house got burnt
I went to the village and began to hunt
Because of pain and shame, I cried
I lost hope and my spirit died

Until the fourth month
From the grave we came forth
I and a man familiar with suffering
He wasn’t rich but he was so caring

He said, “I’ve taken away your sorrow
Don’t bother yourself about tomorrow
I was crushed for your iniquity
I’ve taken up your infirmity”

He taught me joy in suffering
With hope as his last offering
Now my life has totally changed
The way I see things have also changed
Now my new house is completed
All my children have graduated
I have brand new cars
And I no longer visit bars

I began to act different
Now I don’t need to pay rent
My house is very charming
And I still indulge in farming

I had nothing
Yet I possess everything
To the world I was a fool
But in him was my wisdom full

All because I believed
I definitely achieved
I was also faithful
And that was fruit full

From January to December
There’s a lot of disaster
From January to December
It’s not easy, you grow stronger

Charles Young


Get an old basket.
Patch with hay, so it leaks no water.
Then fill with straw to its brim.
Soft woolen sheets go next.
Cotton spread over it all.

Next, situate this in a stable.
Where horses neigh their lullabies
And the sweet smell of cattle-dung
Fills the air.

You just made a King-sized bed.
But what’s a King-sized bed
Without The King in it?

Merry Christmas.

(c) 2019


It is the mass for The Christ
A celebration in honour of the Saviour
Procession started by some wise men from the East
With an overflow of shepherds on a field

What is Christmas?
It’s a mass for the First begotten
A celebration in honour of the Lamb
The birth of our Advocate

What is Christmas?
It’s a mass for the Heir apparent
A celebration in honour of The Word
The Word becoming flesh, dwelling with us

What is Christmas?
It’s a mass for Love
A celebration in honour of Love Himself
A redemption plan borne out of Love

What is Christmas?
It’s not about you or your fleshly desires
It’s about loving, caring and sharing
It’s about putting a smile on someone’s face

Christmas is LOVE!!!
Merry Christmas

– Chukwubuigwe
(c) 2019

HELLO DECEMBER: A Christmas Poem

One look at you and I knew you would be mother’s last

For mother did not just scream her best, she screamed her last

You were as perfect as perfect could be

The stars jubilated and the chill in the air agreed

I smiled that night I held you tight and called you mine


From the first day you came so alive

We could hardly wait for when you would be twenty five

So you could remind this world again

Of the birth of the one with a name above all names

Who took away our sins and our darkness became extinct


If only we could see you as more than just another ember

If only we could appreciate you as we did your brothers

If only we could refocus our priorities; binoculars

If only we could look beyond the spectacular

Then His light would penetrate our eyes and give us sight


Happy birthday December,

The days count with little to remember

They say you live for just thirty one

And we would have to face yet another 365 equals one

I only pray we celebrate the Christ everyday as we did in your wake


By Princess Pirinye and Ezeonyeka Godswill

A Peace of Him

No doubt, I was troubled. Too much and half. My heart was afraid. You see, I sulked in my misery for my world was filled with chaos. So don’t blame me. Hearing him say he would leave me soon didn’t help matters even though he promised never to leave me an orphan
He never did actually and in exchange of my troubles, he gave me his first gift – peace and the second – peace still.
       “My peace I give to you and my peace I leave with you”
I never understood this man Jesus, the son of David, the said king who would freely give himself to die miserably on the cross.This confusion and season brought me to the beginning “his birth”.
Unto us he was born and unto us he was given but his birth was never his beginning. Mysterious. He was in the beginning of the creation but still he’s marked the beginning of when he “God” came to be with us. Emmanuel. You see, I figured things out when I realized he is the same, yesterday, today and forever. This born king was simple for he had to be carried to safety when Herod went insane with malice and hate. I mean, where was the crowned prince’s guards and macho men and to think he chose a capenter for a father. Herod was not to be blamed for Jesus was declared King as a child – the son of Joseph the carpenter who wasn’t related to Herod the great. I know now truly that the light shone through the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. Did it? It didn’t for the very star that shew the three wise men the way were so large and clear making other stars become a mist in the cloud. Poor Herod! For the innocent child was never born to contest with his throne, his throne was divine, made of mercy and peace. Rather than carving his name on precious stones, he carved it in the heart of men.
So you don’t wonder why he was called Wonderful, Counsellor , The Mighty God, Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. In the increase of his kingdom, peace flowed to no end. So I imagined him in a manger desiring mercy and not sacrifice. This ageless king is transform less, never changes but changeth situations. When the world like Herod’s reign brought lamentations, weeping and great mourning, Rachael wept for her children, refusing to be comforted because they were no more.The killing of every male child from age 2 and below made them mourn their hopeless woe. I bet they never envisioned a king with open arms saying soothingly and affectionately
            “Come unto me ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”
Wrapped in a manger, his peasant beginning  revealed his personality. He grew clothed in humility. Little wonder he needed to be identified with a betraying kiss for he wore no crown to distinguish him the “King of kings” from his disciples. You can’t get the birth of him out of your mind for his love is matchless and mercy limitless .
So I take a clue from him ,My King – if he says God has called us kings and a royal priesthood; therefore we are gods but we tend to be the opposite of gods – dogs which barks yet makes no impact for empty vessels they say makes the loudest of noise. If God be love we are transformed in the realm of gods until we love completely in sincerity. Love – the law and prophets. It is love that makes us God. He came to save us and his birth marked the very beginning of  the mission of love. This He says:
        “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God”