It will always come regularly
Anxiety & fear bringing all its disorderly
Sending minds sinking deep like anchors
And hearts into a place of rancour
Economies crashing like MMMs
Shorter mornings, Longer PMs
Success books now providing alternates
As we search for wealth secrets
Yet our Souls are still dry deserts
Aching with pain, looking for comforts
Even when prayers rise up like incense
And our expectations, filled with suspense
Yet the wait is just too long
Our faith might not be that strong
But then incense will becomes clouds
Roaring like lions making sounds so loud
Then It comes
Pouring down its blessings
Wiping off all our facings
The rain draining our Sorrows
Fill souls that have been hallow
Washing away all our pains
Making crazy minds, accurate and sane
Our prayers are never in vain
Because we are sure it will RAIN!

Uba Victor Isoje
© 2018


I thought I had it all but no!

I did not have it all and truly it drove me crazy

I could write into the future

Yeah, like jump on my literary time-machine and write the future

Just like they do in the science fiction movies

I could write to describe how anxious people could be

How they loose their strength for the present, worrying about the future

How they ignorantly shift their sorrows into tomorrow

Their anxiety, their underlying curse

But the truth is we are not in the future

and the anxious one is me Continue reading