Through Love

Only true love will walk on water when you give a heart of ice
And still hold you close to its shoulders when the shatters prick your eyes
True Love is like fire, it burns
Not to hurt but to cleanse, strengthen, purify
It doesn’t make clean for the other
It does it for itself.

True love has no regrets, it’s open to hurts
Not because he loves it, but would rather take the shot
Than see her eyes dim in death
Or her nose wrinkle through sin to hell
She won’t be left with a filthy dot
True love would be spot on when it sets out to wash her dirt.

True love is beautiful, it has her nose
It has her eyes, just how he loves to see them
It gives completely it’s gifts, hoping you will make room enough for all
It walks her down the hall and calls her bride
She can be naked before it, no longer need to hide.

‘True’ love is a mirage, it’s not real
If I wonder if it’s true, it probably isn’t still

Till all I see is Love
When I see he gave his all
And as he laid his life to love me through
It remains my part to decide if it is true.

And so it is with you.


(c) 2018


I never knew I was digging my own grave when I accepted to be turned

I was later told it was suicidal to die with him

And the gallows will leave marks that thread to eternity

But foolish me!
I was tired of a skin I was forced to wear that 6 feet deep felt like a relief. 

So I caterpillared myself into the soil which felt natural to this disaster I was clad in
But three days later …

Dude decided to rise like bread with yeast

I ate the life and now my blood cloth is worn proudly

He is stingy with me in his fist clenched tightly

And every time I try to snatch me I’m reminded

That I dug my own grave when I let him turn me

Now I’ll live forever, his vampire army

-Uc Truth 


I have really wise friends
I have really smart friends
And then I have these other friends. These ones I don’t know how to classify them.

For when you hear their thought process, you will wonder if this part of the body called a brain is vestigial in some animals.
When they utter words, you automatically want an occupation with hammers for every thing they say make you want to break their head.

But then I got to thinking;
6 years,
10 years;
200 years from now and these same ‘not so senseless’, poor in making decisions, and utterly tiring friends of mine would be known as ‘the ancestors’
A status men will begin to idolize.

I see us use a whole lot of our mind’s compartment to believe things that were told to us by people who couldn’t figure out simple things, I mean, some of the very learned of them actually argued that the earth was flat, like a table.


I am not even talking about the unlearned ones from your villages that birthed those you now call grandpa. Just imagine it.

They told you to pour drinks on the floor for the ancestors and you agree, well it’s *Omenala, so it can’t be broken.
They said a woman should be shorn when her husband dies and well, who are we to not obey the voices of ignorance passed down to us?

We carry knowledge like tentacles on a snail’s head but still slip back into the cave of ignorance we use to shell whatever good we can make of life, just because we have been told to ‘stand on the wisdom of the elders’,
Now guess who said that? ‘THE ELDERS’

I feel this is rigged.

Then our faith, love, strength, and even humanity is subject to a broken past called tradition,
Something that might have been suggested by a ‘not so smart’ old man who was only opportune to live before us.

So I take a stand today.
I will relate with the rules of the ancestors like they were still alive now
I will weigh their wisdom based on how wise it is, NOW!
I will not waste my time in their myth, only to satisfy their dead bones long gone with the sands of time.

I will make decisions now and then advice younger generations to learn from my words, but before I go from this earth;

I will let them know I wasn’t the wisest
I wasn’t the smartest
I was as man as man can be

And most of all;
As they grow, and find better ways to do what I said couldn’t be done,

They shouldn’t be afraid to discard my letters and fly the plane of their imaginations to outer space and back.

For no matter how sacred we decide to treat the scrolls of heroes past,
And bend always to their judgments on matters, using them as the ultimate yardstick to measure life.

I dare say that many of them were also as confused as we are at some points of important decisions,
And to crown it all, some chose wrongly.

Which only goes to say that we with them were all normal humans.

And if I won’t let another man dictate what I do and decide I run my life, I’m including the great ancestors too.


*Omenala is the Igbo(Nigerian Language) word that means tradition


It was clear that I wasn’t full of anything
But everyone could bet that I was full of myself.

You would think I would weigh a thousand tons when the contents of me were turned into a bag and placed on a weight but I am that feather


By every wind of doctrine.

See, I had seen suits;
Seasons 1 to 5, and 6, and 7,
Nothing in the whole seasons of life could suit to cover the empty shell I hid in the well pressed excuse of the suit I wore. ME.

The real me;
Who knew nothing. Just occasional passages from the bible I could jump on, and like a frog; hip-hop on from time to time just to prove that I haven’t been listening to the ‘devil’s music’ and so I dress to kill, looking ‘smart’ on Sundays, my proof that I was scent enough. And I was worthy enough to lift up holy hands with. The cufflinks of doubts connecting my wrist to my chest.

I was unworthy! And I knew it!

I knew it, because whenever I saw people dig in the corners of new buildings around my house I saw something I would never be; WELL.

I felt alone in the world
I knew what I had wasn’t enough
I even told friends I needed space for it felt more natural to the man I was
We all did church, but when I checked how far I had come with what I called the gospel,
I knew it was useless

You are saved by him,
But you are condemned,
Unless you save yourself.

But that was before his light came
The light came
Delight came when his light came
It tasted sweet but I wept;
oxymoron like sugarcane

I got to know how good I was
I got to know who he was
And he told me who I was;

Till then I had always felt I knew so much
But the fool in me was revealed when the wise in him chose a foolish way to change the full in me.

I emptied myself and took him in
And till now,
I’m still intoxicated by the love he gave.

I can now brag about being full
And I don’t need to be full of myself to do it.

It was the first time I learnt, that the first ‘useless’ letter of him, could arrest the empty space in me and make me ‘W’hole.


This is a story about a girl in her twenties and a guy in his twenties; late.

They went
On a date when every other person walked into the mall hands in hands and shoulders;
That’s today.

Their fates already sealed by the late mr Kori and little Miss Kate.

So I know, and you know that he would be leaving this evening with a no,
And she would have dodged another bullet of a man sent to rent what’s left of the tattered clothing of her shadowed past,
Park into her heart with no rent.

Brothers and sisters, you relate with this right?

How often do we already decide what he intends, from the last person we met who was from the same tribe?
Has the same look, with a similar beard, same complexion, from the same country;

How we now act like everyone with the same ‘dark’ name plays the same bad game has left me wondering;
If this field will ever be fair.

I mean, long before I came along your path someone, somewhere already did my name a smear, so all I do with whatever I do, or do not, would be to remind you of him, how awful?

And when you can’t seem to box me you still find a box to box me, your low blow finds a way to make ‘all men, all women, the same’

Dear dearie;
Just because we all carry the Y chromosome doesn’t make us the same with your EX, the same way your X doesn’t make you miss Kate,

Our meeting was not a mistake.
I am not Mr. Kori.
I wouldn’t choose quick seconds over the trust you give;
I wouldn’t love you and leave;
Or maybe I would, but please

Let me not pay for what he did.
And don’t let him pay for what I did,

And if you can do this for me, I promise to hold up my own end of this bargain, and not think you only came for the money,
not let you pay for all she did.

No I’m not saying ‘snap out of it’, I know you still hurt, you are human so you should feel;
but let’s consciously drink from these bars tendered to heal;
And in a short while from now,

A little walk from this bar; we would have drunk to fill.

For only then would we walk into the mall, hands in hand,
And maybe, I would be fortunate enough to get a ‘Yes’ by the end of the night, this time from the real you, on this date, the day we finally let go.

Let’s face it,
Nobody is really real with all the weight;
So we can lose the hate, and plan to love again, today.


It came in a flash like some Allen knew exactly what was on my mind.

In the midst of 2 strangers in a BRT bus, one looked like another normal guy, and the other like a boss.

*Lagos my location, but I had thoughts in heaven.
So I felt heaven on earth, well that’s what you get for being in Him.

Have you ever wondered how lovely it would be to spend a whole day without bad mouthing anything, anywhere or even anyone?

Like No…
Bastard; playfully said
Fool; with a lovely pat on the head

‘You will never amount to anything’ from a mother to a child and perhaps;

No pastor would lead a congregation of well meaning followers to a battle ground that makes a post of ‘deaths to whoever’ and then tag God in prayers like he was a supporting cast in this horror movie on a steady loop in their mind.

But they don’t see it,
We don’t see it,
I mean how black can a heart get before truth can no longer wash it?

I wish we can all set a day apart;
A day when we will all agree to rather trade punches than hurt with our words

A day when we will be focused enough to not let any slippery dark word go unapologized.
A day when we stop using these black knights to bat men, but rather;

Step into the light and use white to bathe them.

A day, when we master love
Then We try a week,
Then a month;

And soon it becomes abnormal and weigh a thousand tons on our lips whenever we try to muster the courage to plant a word that will grow into a scary tree from these our mustard seeds.

So I decide daily, surely, purposely;
I choose to believe differently
To fight differently
To speak differently
See differently

And actually stop playing the devil’s hate game with him.

Since we are buddies, let me play a little with God;
For I am in Him
And He is in me
Heaven in *Lagos;

I will be that one drop of oil that will float above stormy waters.
I will fight alongside anyone I can, till my heart goes silent with its beats.

It’s who I am, it’s what I give,


*Lagos is a major city in Nigeria.

Milk & Meat: #5_THE HOLY SPIRIT: Gifts 1.

Another Good Friday, how are you all doing?

I am excited and cold. Covered from head to feet (not totally though, wish I could share a picture).

It is good to have us here again, today we would be talking about something that we must have heard before. However, since I promised to make these teachings a discipleship series, meaning that if you follow from beginning to whenever it ends, you would not only know Christ as a new born, you would also grow to maturity and be well equipped to train others who would be young in the Faith.

This been said, we would be looking at Spiritual gifts today.

I would divide them into 3 different sections and take them in a space of 3weeks, so it would be easy to digest, and also we would have time to put to practise and recognize when a gift is in operation through someone else.

Are we ready? I believe we are, let us get straight into the study.

A prayer, as you go through this study, it would become clear to your eyes, understanding would flood your eyes and your gifts that might not have been used to the best of its potential would find expression, in Jesus name, amen.

Our text today would be 1 Corinthians 12:8-10

8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

9 to another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

10 to another the working of miracles; to another prophesy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues.

I would be making some statements in the course of this study that I would want us to pause and think on before we make conclusions on them. Conclusions being to accept them or not.

We have a total of 9 gifts here let me divide them into three groups:

*those that REVEAL something

Word of wisdom,

Word of knowledge and

Discerning of spirits

*those that DO something


Gifts of healing and

Working of miracles

*those that SAY something


Divers kinds of tongues and

Interpretation of tongues.


For this study, we would treat just the first group, the REVELATIONAL GIFTS.

Now I want us to do a quick run through from verse one of this 1 Corinthians chapter 12 because I want to explain some things that would help us grasp the teachings on the gifts mentioned from verse 8 to 10. Let’s do it quickly

1 Corinthians 12:1 now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.

Look at a King James Version, you would notice that the word gifts was italicized, this simply means that it was added to make grammatical sense.

So reading the sentence without it would give a slightly different meaning, it means that in those days, it was necessary for believers to know about spiritual things. If it was important in those days, it is still important now.

Now Paul goes ahead to explain their former state

  1. ye know that ye were Gentiles, carried away unto these dumb idols, even as ye were led.

Now that was just speaking of their former nature, who they used to be, they were led by dumb idols

Now their new nature is what Paul would talk about in the next verse, they are now Spirit led.

This is what Romans 8:1 spoke about

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

It doesn’t mean that there are some in Christ who walk after the Spirit and those ones are the people that have no condemnation, NO

It is saying that the people found in Christ have a new nature, they are the same people who are Spirit led, and they are the same people with no condemnation.

How do you now know those who are not condemned? THEY ARE THOSE WHO HAVE BELIEVED IN JESUS. (John 3:16-18)

So when Paul says this in the next verse

3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is Lord, but by the Holy Ghost

He spoke of their new nature; before explaining Spiritual things to them, he is giving them the assurance that what they would be doing is because they now have the Sweet Holy Spirit.

So when I hear people say that someone has a diabolic power, they accept Christ and then they get filled with the Sweet Holy Spirit, and then they still use the powers of their fathers, I just assume that they don’t understand this portion of the scriptures.

Paul was telling them that they don’t call Jesus accursed because they have the Holy Spirit, and He is the one present in them to enable them call Jesus Lord. Then he went ahead to explain how this new nature operates.

From verse 4 to 7 he is just telling them that no matter how the Spirit works through you, or how the manifestation happens, do not be scared, it is the same Spirit that is doing the works. It is not another strange spirit.

Let us jump to verse 11

11 But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.

Let me quickly answer some questions and give reasons briefly

# Which gift is the most important?

It is the gift needed at the very moment

#Can one believer operate in all the 9 gifts?

YES. Because a believer have the same Spirit that the other believer has.

The reason given by people to say that a believer is cannot operate in all 9 gifts is the statements made in verse 8 to 10 “to one is given……..” but they refuse to reason that they themselves or others have and operate in more than ONE of these gifts. This means when that place says “to one is given,…” it is not a restriction but a differentiation of one gift from the other.

A believer however has gifts in constant operation in their lives, but the Spirit would use us based on our availability to work any of the gifts. It is hardly about us, it is about ministering to people.

So when you meet someone who is sick, don’t go saying, I don’t have the gifts of healing, lay your hand and pray in Faith or when a word of knowledge comes to you, you say well, my gift is healings.

One last thing before we get into these gifts for today, please your ability to sing well or dance well is not a spiritual gift spoken here. Focus on the subject and you would find out that the spiritual gifts are spiritual and as we trust the Sweet Spirit, we would give expressions to these gifts already resident in the Spirit we carry whenever they need to be used to help someone and in the preaching of the gospel.

I have said many things in one place that I didn’t plan for… let us get into the 3 gifts we are treating today. I would define them, try to say what they are not and give scriptural examples, we would also see that these gifts intertwine or work together at times too.


#Word of Wisdom

This gift has nothing to do with the wisdom that comes from the knowledge of the scriptures through study. It doesn’t mean the kind of wisdom that Daniel and his friends (the Hebrew boys) had.

It is a supernatural knowing of God’s plan and purpose as revealed to a man. It might be in form of a vision or a quick flash, but it doesn’t always also come like that. It might just be an inside witness.

Just bear in mind that it foretells something in God’s mind. It deals with the future events that would happen, and God reveals this to His children in parts, when necessary.

For example in Acts 9:15-16 after Saul’s conversion the Lord speaking to Ananias said this

15 but the Lord said unto him, go thy way: for he is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the Gentiles, and the kings and the children of Israel
16 for I will shew him how great things he must suffer for my name’s sake.

Ananias already knew that Paul would suffer for the gospel and that he would have a ministry to the Gentiles, this ministry was set up in Acts 13:2, but Ananias had a word of wisdom about it long before Paul received the Holy Spirit.

This is all the example I would give here. Also note that these gifts are not special to a certain people, because Ananias was just a certain disciple, and he operated in the gift of the word of wisdom. Take time to go through the scriptures and discover the places that these gifts were in operation. Even in the Old Testament.

#Word of Knowledge

This gift is similar to the word of wisdom in that it is also a word from the Spirit and it can come in visions or in sounds. I like to call it the sights and sounds of the Spirit.

However, this word is a knowledge on things in the past or in the present.

I would give the same example to explain and to also show how these gifts work together. In the same Acts 9 verse 11-12

11 and the Lord said unto him, arise, and go into the street which is called Straight, and enquire in the house of Judas for one called Saul, of Tarsus: for, behold, he prayeth,

12 and hath seen in a vision a man named Ananias coming in, and putting his hand on him, that he might receive his sight.

So Ananias knew for certain where Saul was, and what he was doing, he even also knew that Saul was having a word of knowledge that Ananias would come and how the event would play out.


Imagine how many people would be helped as we allow these gifts to be in operation through us, if we allow for their expression, we would learn as we go. More often than not, Spiritual things require Faith and boldness, Kenneth Erwin Hagin in a book wrote of how his wife got someone in her family filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues, she just knew it would happen and she acted on what she knew inside in her spirit.

If you know the situation in place, you would understand why Faith and boldness was needed, the person she was to lay hands on didn’t believe in praying in tongues, and she was still a young lady.

She could have imagined, what if it didn’t work?, what if, what if, what if…. Always in the negative, if we can learn to bring our ‘what ifs’ to be positive, we would achieve a lot as we are led by the Spirit.

We would see people get healed, get delivered, get saved, and you would speak things no one ever told you, by obeying promptings in your spirit, and as you walk with Him, accuracy would increase, as we exercise in the Spirit, we grow in it.

In the Old Testament also, this gift was operational, the story of Elisha and Gehazi his servant in 2 Kings 5:26 shows this: Elisha the prophet narrated an event that he clearly wasn’t present when it took place. He had a word of knowledge as it went on.


Notice that this gift is a discerning of SPIRITS, it is not the discerning of evil spirits.

It is a supernatural ability to be able to see into the spirit realm.

You can see both good and bad spirits.

I was in a meeting when these gifts were discussed and a well-meaning older woman got up and explained discerning of spirits to be having direction on how to go and what to do in our daily dealings. But she was in error

It is not a gift of discerning from the Spirit, or discernment from the Spirit, where trusting the Spirit can help in decision makings, that is not discerning of spirits.

There are no spirits to discern in deciding what course I should study or in finding the right route to a place.

I have found a group of friends who left me by praying in tongues and following promptings in my spirit, it was not a loud or even still small voice, I just prayed in tongues under my breathe and looked for them, I never took a single wrong turn till I found them, no spirit was discerned. It is not discerning of spirits

In discerning of spirits, you do not just know that a different spirit is in operation that is just word of knowledge at operation, you do have to see into the spirit realm.

I hope that was clear.

It is also for good and bad spirits. At times the physical senses would be suspended, at other times, it would not be.

This is where I would end the teaching for today, I look forward to seeing us next week as we look at the 3 gifts that DO something.

I would close with these words, all the gifts of the Spirit was in operation throughout the old testament except two that is specific for this dispensation.

Remember that these things are things that come with your new nature, in the Corinthian church, they had too much expression of these gifts that they had to get order to make them all be blessed. I look forward to a church with many expressions also in this our time and days because we need it now as much as they did back then.

Till next time,





Milk & Meat: #4_THE HOLY SPIRIT: Fruits.

Hello everyone, how are we doing this Friday? I welcome you all to another study time with ‘milk and meat’

Today, here in Nigeria a black Friday is going on and people are shopping for the sake of the flesh, the Spirit thought it wise to reveal His own discount rates as we shop through the different products He has made available to us.

His discount rate however is 100% so we are allowed to take freely, ALL that He has provided us with. Glory.

Now our topic for today would be #FRUITS. We are going to be looking directly at the fruits of the spirit and explaining each of them and then showing how we can apply these to a victorious life in God

Our text is taken from the book of Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 and 23

22 but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith

23 meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.


I would like to clear our minds on something first before I continue. These fruits are outward evidence that the Spirit have come to stay in a believer, and more importantly that they have been yielding to a new nature.

It is not a sign to show that you are saved. In that you might see a believer who is really hateful, or a believer that is just not peaceful, that doesn’t mean that they are not saved, it just means that they are not showing the fruits yet, and with time of relying on the Sweet Holy Spirit, it would come to pass.

We should know exactly what saves, John 3:16

It is simple, believing in Jesus saves you and that is the only mode of qualification for eternal life.

However like Paul said in his letter to Titus chapter 3 verse 8, good works are profitable unto men and we should do our best to be at peace with all.


Some people do not exhibit these fruits because a lot of things have been taught to them. If you notice there were no supernatural things like prophesy or visions or maybe prayers in it.

What am I saying? I am saying that because a person is prayerful or not is not evidence of a fruit or not, however when we get to prayer we would talk on prayer, let us stay in the study of these fruits and I would encourage that you put them to practice and you would realize how much God can do to you when you yield to Him.

I pray for growth and evidence of fruits on anyone who goes through this teaching in Jesus name, Amen. Now let us get into the teaching.

I would back up some verses so we get an understanding

Galatians 5:16 this I say then, walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

18 but if ye be led of the Spirit ye are not under the law.

So whatsoever we are discussing here has nothing to do with keeping a law to avoid a penalty, it is a new life flowing from the Spirit within you, I just want to show us how to yield to Him.

Paul then went ahead to list the works of the flesh from verses 19 to 21 and ended it by saying that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Notice that he also said that he had told them this before (verse 21). Does this mean that when you keep a law like do not commit fornication, then you are bearing spiritual fruits? Doesn’t that then make us doers of the law? The same law that we have been redeemed from.

Let me show us something in Romans 7:5-6

5 For when we were in the flesh, the motions of sins, which were by the law, did work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death

 6 But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in oldness of the letter.

These gives us an example of what Paul could have meant in the fifth chapter of Galatians. It was more like

The Galatians didn’t receive the law so they seldom knew what was right to do from what was wrong, so Paul was trying to show them the things that the old nature has as traits and what the new nature’s traits are using their behaviours as examples. And if you take a close look it was an admonition on how they were to treat themselves and not a teaching on how you can get saved.

So when Paul said that those who do these would not inherit the kingdom of God, he didn’t mean that those in the church would not inherit the kingdom of God, he was giving them an example of those who are outside. He could have used sinners in that place, but they wouldn’t understand so he used behaviours instead of saying sinners or righteous.

Those that have accepted Christ are SAINTS, we don’t judge them by what they do we judge them by where they are. IN CHRIST is saved, OUT OF CHRIST is unsaved.

I am saying all of this so no one leaves this post with condemnation or a heavy heart of guilt, but with an open eye and a zeal to make God evident in their daily work.

Let us look at these fruits of the spirit and discuss each of them in a bit.


This is one fruit we should see in believers but we seldom see it. It is in fact the summary of the other fruits, because if you practice this one fruit, you would be doing the rest. How we practice it is something else. People have various ways of showing love to God but let us see the God way of showing it

1John 4:20

If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

This is explicitly stated we know someone who loves God by checking how he loves people. Now let me explain it a bit, anyone can love someone who is in love with them, you do not need the Sprit to do that, because the world can do it and the world cannot receive the Spirit (JOHN 14:16), so it is not a sign of love if you love your lovely spouse and your sweet best friends.

This is how love is tested, when you love those that hate you.

Jesus was saying this in Matthew 5:43-48 and He said it like this in verse 44

44 but I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you

This is a sum total of all the possible wrongs and opposition you might have as a believer, Jesus’s response was simple LOVE THEM!

Then He went ahead to say in verse 48 that it is a way of being like God, (perfect as our heavenly Father)


He is the same yesterday, today and forever, He still loves the world.

Pause a bit and think of those that might have wronged you and didn’t even bother to apologize. Those that have molested, defrauded, stolen, killed, hated, opposed, cursed and despised you.

Make a decision to love them today and you would have grown and yielded to the Spirit you have got as a new nature. Please there is no place in the word that asks a new covenant believer to kill an enemy in prayers, if you love them, even your prayer point would reflect it.


This is a joy that comes irrespective of what is happening to you. It is a joy of knowing that your sins have been paid for and that you are totally free. Imagine having something this sweet and being faced by the storms of life, you would never lose a sense of being loved.

Because you would know that whereas it seems everything is getting out of hand, your eternity is assured. Most people have lost their Joy and even gave up along the way because they heard something that wasn’t a good news which says that they are justified by Christ PLUS…

It’s Christ ONLY no plus.

When you know how much God has loved you, the love that would be shed abroad in your heart would be without bounds, but when you don’t know that, you are joyful only when you feel like it, and then you preach that same God to people only to leave many feeling God when they think He is near. But that is wrong, GOD LIVES IN YOU. Be ever joyful


This one is like Joy too, you know for sure that you have Peace with God. And this comes by believing in Jesus, see Romans 5:1

1 Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

That is the peace you are to have, it is a sure possession, YOUR SALVATION IS SURE

Romans 14:17 says

17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drinks; but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost

This kingdom doesn’t rely on what you have or what you eat, it is a sure kingdom there you are ever peaceful and joyful.

Do not let the peace in you be disturbed, and in so doing you can successfully make peace and instil peace in stormy situations arising in the life of others.


This one is simple and straight, you would have to endure wrong doings with a good attitude.

Now the question is how long is the long suffering supposed to last? And my answer is as long as the wrong doing lasts. If your patience and attitude doesn’t outlast the wrongs done to you, can you really say that you have suffered long?

It is not measured in years of suffering, it is measured by coming out of it with a good heart and attitude. Maybe now you would realise that these fruits are impossible for someone who is not having the Sweet Holy Spirit because it is not easy.

I would give you a secret tip of mine here however, if someone hurts you so much, pray for them so much and you would see that your attitude towards them would be calm.

I didn’t say pray against them or pray for longsuffering, NO, I said pray for them to be well, in good health, to prosper: pray good things to them, and leave the rest. More often than not, these situations are really not about you. It might just be their salvation pushing them to you, don’t let us lose that one soul because we were inconvenienced.


The Greek word interpreted gentleness here is the word ‘krestotes’ which closely denotes GENEROSITY. So you don’t go about saying that a person is not showing fruits because he is not always sitting quietly in the corner, not that there is anything wrong with that though.

But the word here is a giving life that comes from the Spirit you have received.

I would site an example here and move on, just last night I was to go get something from my street and I was prompted to get suya (roasted meat) for my neighbours which I just did when coming back. I gave them and they thanked me, this morning I realized that they hadn’t eaten and that made their dinner. They didn’t know it was God but I knew by an inward witness and I obeyed.

Now you would think I had a whole lot of money but no I didn’t, but I provided dinner for someone.

It is a life of giving, the way the church is meant to be, we are not supposed to travel to a new country with the plan of where to stay as long as Christians exist there. We are all brothers and sisters and this would lead to the next one.


This one is like the former but it doesn’t have to cost your coins. It requires your time though.

It is any act of kindness that you do towards people.

I remember a time when some lovely friends and I while in school would be going on our business but if we run into a girl with a bucket or gallon of water, we help them carry it to the destination where we part ways. It didn’t take us anything, but it helped those ones greatly. They would thank you as a hero in a fairy tale, but all we were doing was being ourselves. Do not be weary of doing good, it is not out of obligation but yielding to the Spirit within you would make you a light and a help to people around you. Do not let the flesh ride you into selfishness and thoughts of self always, give a chance to the Spirit.


The Greek word used here is ‘pistis’ which can both refer to “the attitude of believing” and “or the integrity of a person” hence the FAITH and FAITHFULNESS we see in different translations.

But reading in context here (refer to first teaching on the series) would show that the discussion talked of Faithfulness and not faith. It was how people were to act towards one another and not a faith towards a higher being. Since God Himself is Faithful and His Spirit lives in us, we can be faithful too.

You are meant to be a source of strength and counsel to others. Believers are to portray a character of integrity where your words can be trusted.

I would relate something I want us to give a thought here, many do not trust their words, why do you think they find it hard to trust what God tells them. If you are a criminal, you would suspect others too. Think about this and start being faithful towards others.


This word is humility. It is what made Christ leave divinity to be made man, and die as man, live within the bounds of nature, He had to eat too and His food digested just like any other man.

If this is found in believers, you would see a church were no man is so highly anointed as not to be able to relate to others way below them. Let me say this, it is easy to be humble to someone who is above you, but what of those who see you as a god, how do you see them.

We were told not to esteem ourselves higher than others, and there is no exception to this rule. God doesn’t rate us by the miracles we perform, He rates us IN CHRIST, we don’t have heights of righteousness we are all EQUALLY RIGHTEOUS. Because we are using the same righteousness, that’s the one gotten by Faith in Christ Jesus (Romans 10:3-4)

With this mind, you would see that giving glory to God and resisting pride would not be an issue because it would be God in man doing His work, and you would constantly point people to God and not to you.


The word here is also translated as self-control. It is the Greek word ‘engkratea’ which literally means “inner strength”

It is a word that covers mastery over one’s desires and passions, and emotions which is a working of the Spirit that you have received.

It is the life of God in you producing a trait that doesn’t react because of an action that just hit you and put you off balance, it is a NEW NATURE

Now we are done with this study, I believe someone would yield more to the Spirit. Whenever you seem to have not-yielded, just yield next time. Do not condemn yourself and then sleep off in the pool of fleshly desires.

No, it is God at work in you, and you would know because you have His Spirit, JUST YIELD.

Till next Friday, remember