Stolen gist!

That conversation….can one get over it?


The battle of mind begins with this conversation..

S one: you’re sick again and you say you’re healed,why the hypocrisy you can’t deceive yourself, I’ll have to be clear with you

S two: let her be, let her sleep, it’s due to the stress she can’t compete with. The blanket can heal, the rest can sit, with this she’ll be healed and be relieved

S three: I’ll tell the Truth cause that’s who I am, she’s healed but she doesn’t see it, she needs my glasses to look and be a healer like me.

S one: (laugh to S three) ..and she can’t heal herself? What strange word do you speak? See her shaken by grief. She practices your words with fear. How do you examine with this special care?

S two: let’s be silent so she sleeps, you make her mind restless, she hears us all with heavy breath…

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