Neuroplasticity: Why You Really Need To Renew Your Mind. 

​         Ever heard the saying “you are what you eat?” well its a true statement! Even as it relates to what we take into our system through all our receptive organs, what we eat through our mouths can ultimately affect our entire physical body systems. If you eat healthy and clean foods your body in all will be healthy and clean!  

If you eat unhealthy and harmful foods it will in turn show in the general function of your body, you start to get sick, feel gassy or uncomfortable and what not.

 In the same way, what we take in through our ears and eyes, words, sounds and frequencies affect our emotional, psychological and all round mental health. If you listen to discouraging and abusive words long enough you will find that you will start to change based on what you are constantly feeding on, same thing goes for when we fill our minds with what is good and noble and clean and pure and right, we will be healthy in our minds and this will eventually lead to evident changes in our body system. 

This is a known fact that people have understood from way back in time and this is why Paul in

 Romans 12: 2 said,

“Dont copy the behaviour and customs of this world but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think! ( or renewing your mind) Then you will know what God wants you to do and you will know how good and pleasing His Will really is.”

So basically because we are not of this world we cannot keep relics of the world around us or close to our Heart space. These relics of the world mess with our minds, actions and behaviour by altering our brain science leading to what the scriptures call “Conformity to the world”.  

So do not subject your mind to the toxic  thought patterns of myopic men who do not know your construct or have any idea of what plans God has for you rather fix your thoughts on the Ominiscient Living Word of God who made you, who knew you from the womb and has good intricately woven plans for you. 

Now I’m sure you might be wondering “what does Neuroplasticity have to do with this?” well apart from the fact that it’s a really big and smart sounding word, 😅 it is actually a very important phenomenon of the mind to look into properly. However I want us to focus on the things we keep around us as people who have been washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. 

Because of Neuroplasticity, we are often inclined to go back to or relive a moment or have nostalgic feelings from the past because of something we see around us that reminds us of where we were before. 

Now because these feeling come up does not mean that you are still a sinner or you have fallen out of righteousness no. We are made righteous by the finished work of Jesus Christ , if you are born again you have the nature of God in you and this is Righteousness so you are righteous. As a matter of fact if you did not have this nature in you, you would be comfortable in sinful and perverse thoughts. Besides Jesus knew this could happen and that’s why in

 John 17:15 He prayed for us saying,

” …I’m not asking that you take them out of the world but that you keep them safe from the evil one” 

So though we are in the world that is still very much full of all the nasties and “seeming goodies” (that destroy us). 

We have left the old life behind in true repentance because it is very possible to still live set apart and holy lives in the world even though we are not of it. 

So what do you do? proverbs 4:23 tells us this,

“above all else! Guard your heart because everything you do flows from it”

It’s simple. As much as you can, get rid of all those symbols and things that try to bring you back into that life of sin! 

If its a person of the opposite sex causing you to fall into fornication or sexting, cut the person off, if its pornography, desist from looking at profane content and try not to spend so many hours on the internet, if it’s a sugar addiction, stop taking sugary things. But don’t just stop there, replace those voids with the word of God, fastings and prayers. Allow the Holy spirit discipline you! (common you know you need that. Plus the end rewards are peace and joy! No doubt! )

Also occupy yourself with healthy things like , a hobby, take a walk, have an accountability partner.

 If its suggestive music that’s your weakness, start listening to Music that teaches you about Jesus and reinforces the understanding of the Truth of the gospel in your mind. 

One of my favourite ministers of the gospel puts it this way, 

“your brain has molded itself around your history with these objects, creating Neural networks through repetitive conditioning/ exposure to a certain outcome. Your brain snaps into these states out of habit and needs a chance to create new neural networks and be reprogrammed” 

– Steven Bancarz 


     It’s a deliberate thing guys. We consciously decide what to feed our minds with and the things we allow around us like music, pictures, books we read, people we listen to, they are all food to our soul and one way or the other we are either conforming to the dictates of the world or being transformed by the renewing of our minds.  

The adornments of purity and holiness of every believer can only be a reality if we choose to feed on Gods Word and allow His Holy Spirit in us not only be Righteousness in us but do righteousness through us. 

 And this involves cleaning out the trash in our cupboards and filling in our store house with the good stuff. 😊

Grace and Peace Family. 


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