O fish alley

I’m officially capped to do this.
Okay. Here’s the thing. You have to promise me something. Three things, four.
You know this is freestyle Friday so yea…
First permit us in this alley. We know fishing is not allowed but common our bait are for words. The hooks held by our fishermen are made of ink. We fetch our words from peace like from a river overflowing so we can catch men by the pull.

Next give us an audience. We need an audience to be caught by our wide nets weaved of words and punctuations to mark a good start with our fishing business.
We heard there are ghosts in your alley. Some have even nicknamed it the haunted alley. We understand that’s a legit reason for the ban but do let us face our fears ourselves. If we call ourselves fisher men give us the benefits of being adequately clad for the job.

And finally, don’t leave us your equipment. If they worked in ghost proofing the area it wouldn’t still be haunted would it? We have come from a dimension of torch lights that spell victory with the name of the Christ. And from this watch tower, Life is not too good to be true, it is true.


(c) 2018

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