When the world painted you,
It forgot to paint in your colors…every detail of you from winter to summer.
It forgot to add the hot pink burst of laugh from your belly,
Your warm sunny yellow smile, red hot passion and that immaculate white heart.
It simply did not know you.
….you were always too much or not enough.
It didn’t know that you were not naive,just too fond of trusting to a T.
I saw you laugh today.
I watched you become the entire rainbow, transform before my very eyes into a million kaleidoscope of life,moments,power,opportunities ……memories that would last for forever.
As you laughed, your notes played on the heartstrings of divinity,
You are sweet,sweet melody.
Reminding Him that the rainbow was covenant
An oath that no bows would bend anymore to rain arrows at you, but for you.
His cross guaranteed that no crossbow fashioned against you prospered.
You are sword and sheath,the only reason diety would die a billion times over.
You are really something, I mean,
He looked at you and saw his reflection.
His very own selfie.
Same nature,same vibe…..no filters.

I mean,
The day God decided to take a Selfie,
You were the product.
Take a pause.
Let it sink in.
You are God’s selfie.
But wait,
Did you know you had the wrong picture?
Someone switched up the negatives,distorted your identity.
Did you know that imitation, no matter how good, would still be just that- imitation.
No good.
And this distorted picture you’ve been painted,
The one you try to become, will never be you.
It’s an imitation , remember?
Remember ?

You are Gods selfie….made in same image, carbon copy.
Oh, you don’t copy?
Check the reference Genesis 1:26-28
You my friend are a god-fie, His Godfie.

Chika Chikeka

(c) 2018

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