My Prayer

Success is subjective to individual values. The most popular definition of success however is attached to money and things money can buy. These things, no doubt make life beautiful; ranging from grand glass houses by the beach, buying an island for oneself, driving speedy bullet proof metallic cars, owning fleets of Titanics, drinking the best of wines and having to associate only with people of the same class. Giving 90% of one’s monetary worth to charity and still not being able to track one’s wealth without the help of a financial manager should be success enough. This introduces the next most popular definition of success.

Giving back to the society has become an everyday phrase. People want to impart on other people’s lives, genuinely or in genuinely. Some rich folks want ‘philanthropist’ added to their titles. Some want more fame than they have. Others use it as a diversion or leverage to retain what they have and keep gaining riches.

Another set of people have sympathy for humanity and want to help change lives. These set of people may not have much money but they are willing to share the little they have with people that don’t have. Nothing else gives them more satisfaction than the smile they put on people’s faces and to them this is success.

Worthy to note is the division that associate success to their careers. Doing well in what you like doing should be satisfying. Being recognized as a champion in one’s field of operation is elevating. The idea of being a professional and the most sort in the labor market is 90% of dreams that creep around at night on earth. Earning grandly in this career one loves is not something that is seen every day, so may it receive its due acknowledgement.

This last category is what I want my definition of ‘success’ to be. Firstly, I want my heart to burn so fiercely for God. I want him to set my heart on fire. I want to be consumed by desire for him. To be able to put him first and not trade him for anything else is what I desire. To lay on my death bed and be able to smile because all my life I have preached the gospel; I have won souls for Jesus; I have fought the good fight of faith; to have the gospel as my number one mission in life is my goal. For God to be ‘practically’ (not just generically) more important than my spouse, mother, father, siblings, career, money is my prayer. I am not satisfied with just telling him I love him and that he is more important than every other thing. I really want to deeply love him with clenches, fists, my last drop of blood and last draw of breath. I want to be able to preach the gospel without reservation; to yearn and groan for people who do not understand; to study and know the bible so well that I can teach effectively and answer questions in the hearts of men and to choose discomfort and inconvenience for the sake of the gospel. I want to be a mobile gospel, in fact. I need money, career and everything the world has to offer to weigh less than my desire to preach the gospel. I want nothing else in mind when I pray asides my brokenness for him and my requests for hearts receiving the gospel. I want to die calling myself successful because I preached the gospel and I love the lord. This is my prayer. I pray that I be successful!

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