Let’s Pray

I was breathing heavily.

I made my choice already, I kept mute.

“So no one is a Christian here?” the man holding the gun shouted.

I was dead silent, with my head lowered and my eyes shut.

“You are all a bunch of pretenders and liars” he said laughing sarcastically.

“You don’t know God; you don’t even believe he exists” he said.

It was a Sunday morning. I was well dressed and ready for service. I looked through the mirror as I knotted my tie. I adjusted my trousers and stretched out my body.

“You look good” I said to my reflection and he smiled.

My smile was short-lived when I remembered what my mentor said to me few days ago.

“God wants to test you” he said. I knew I had not been the most serious of Christians but I worked in the protocol department in the church, I gave my tithe and offering, I did most of all that was required of an average Christian. Yes, I did. But I think I got the gist. Being average wasn’t what was expected, but that was me, at least for now.

“Brother Dele, Good morning” a voice greeted as I locked the front door to my room. I turned to reply. It was Funmi, she lived in the room across mine.

“What’s up Funmi, Happy Sunday” I replied smiling.

“Are you not ready? Oya na let’s start going” she said adjusting her skirt slightly.

We walked out of the compound together. The Church wasn’t very close to where we lived, as it wasn’t easy to find an Anglican Church in this rural area, most corps members just settled for any living church in the area, but I had a thing for Anglican Churches.

Not long, we arrived at the church. I took one last reassessment of myself, and walked in with satisfaction.

I opened the western door and was confused. It was so dark, I looked back to be sure if I was sane and there was no door again, like the darkness had moved. I seemed to be in the middle of it now.

I reached for my pocket bible, hoping to feel safer as I clutched it.

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” I whispered silently, my legs shaking, my arms trembling.

Then a light came on. It wasn’t very bright but it felt much better than pitch darkness.

I thought the worst was behind me, I didn’t know I was in for a treat today.

A huge figure walked into the light, a man. I couldn’t see his face clearly but he had a gun in his hand.

He was saying something, but I couldn’t hear him. He seemed to be getting angrier, he kept moving around but within the light, and then He stopped.

He pointed to the dark, not towards me. A young lady walked out immediately, she was shaking, begging for her life.

“Please don’t shoot me” she begged.

“I will surely shoot you, except he passes this test” he said.

I started trembling. I somehow had this feeling that I was the one to be tested.

What kind of test is this?  I thought to myself.

Aiiee! She screamed as he cocked the gun.

“Listen, If you are a Christian here, come out now and I won’t kill her” he said. He raised his hands up making a signal, and the lights fully came on. I still couldn’t make anything of this place. I could see other people too, but everyone was too busy shaking and trembling.

“If you are a Christian come out, or I kill her” he repeated. It was strange, I recognized the clothing of the girl he was holding.

Was it Funmi? I asked myself. I hoped she wasn’t the one.

I was breathing heavily

I made my choice already, I kept mute.

“So no one is a Christian here?” the man with the gun shouted.

I was dead silent, with my head lowered and my eyes shut.

“You are all a bunch of pretenders and liars” he said laughing sarcastically.

“You claim to know God; but you don’t even believe He is…” he said.

“No” a voice interrupted

“No, you are wrong” he continued

“I am a Christian, a Child of God” he said walking towards me. His clothing was very similar to mine; I was just waiting to take a closer look at his face.

He walked up to me and halted. I couldn’t believe my eyes; like I was seeing myself standing in front of me.

My jaw still dropped, I shivered slightly as I tried to speak.

“Ho-how is this…?” were the only words I could mutter. He leaned closer to whisper.

“Your reflection” he said with a grin, and continued walking toward the man with the gun.

The man changed his aim, pointing the gun at me, my reflection rather.

“Oh, bravo” he said clasping his palms in sarcastic appraisal

BOOM he fired

My heart skipped a bit as if fell to the ground. There was a ruckus as everyone scattered around

“He misfired, Who does that?” I thought to myself.

“Nobody move” he shouted, firing another shot in the air.

I tried to stand, I couldn’t move.

Argh I grunted. It felt like I was hit with a hammer. I looked at my chest and saw my shirt soaked in blood. My vision became blurrier, my head seemed heavier. I had no control over my body anymore. I dropped to the ground again.

Everything was fading fast, I could see a bright light, I could feel it, I was going. I could hear someone calling out my name faintly.

“Dele, Dele” the voice called out faintly.

The voice grew louder and clearer.

“Dele, wake up” the voice shouted.

“Jesus” I shouted as I sprang to my feet. I was sweating and panting like one who just wrestled the devil. I touched my chest and heaved a sigh in relief.

I turned around and it was my wife.

“Honey, you had a nightmare? What was it?” she asked with worry in her eyes.

“Funmi, it was really serious” I replied still trying to catch my breath.

“I think God wanted to show me something. We will talk about it in the morning”

“Let’s pray” I said, holding her hands.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.prayer-e1522104184118.png

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