Born of a woman
Chopped off His glory
I went about aimless
Like a headless fowl
Lucy’s dinner
Wrapped in his filth like a chicken shawarma
My life though a mess
He picked me from that beautifully decorated filth I called home
And dipped in His blood
My sins permeating out of me
As I swam in His love
Kept warm by the fire
That was kindled by His very Spirit
A new creature now I am
Just out of the heat of His purifying fire
Bred by His spirit
Buttered with His love
Had my fill to its Peak
With the milk of the word
Sitted now at the wedding feast
With a bowl of grace
Filled with flakes of His favour
Immersed in the waters of Canaan
The land that flows with milk and honey
Now I look at me and ponder
How an unworthy me could get here
And all I see is His cross
So now I seat with the Son
Satisfied in Christ
Thank you Jesus
I’m so glad you came


(c) 2018

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