Book Review: THE PURSUIT OF GOD By A.W. Tozer



A. W. Tozer in this book expresses his thoughts and dissatisfaction with the state of Christianity in his time, which appears to closely mirror the state of Christianity in this age.

The author laments the indifference Christians have about the presence of God. He highlights their contentment with complacent religion, occupation with a lot of activities while neglecting God’s presence, and the fact that they take for granted the knowledge that they have been saved and that the tearing of the curtain at Jesus’ death makes it possible for them to enter into the place of communion with God, but not seeing a need to dwell in the reality of God’s presence. They have not pursued the reality of God’s presence, and the life they live is, as a result, devoid of the power that can cause the skeptic to reconsider his ways.

Tozer says that Christians are found living distressed and bitter lives, just like the worldly people- when in fact their lives should reflect a positive difference from the troubled existence that worldly lifestyles produce. They are so occupied with secular affairs that they do not have the time to build themselves up spiritually; consequently, they are unable to know God’s voice when He speaks to them. He challenges Christians who really want to have a feel of God in their lives, who want to be receptive to God’s voice in this chaotic world, to decide to nail self to the cross, to nail whatever keeps God away from the center of their hearts, to not pay heed to what the world says. He notes that the world fires up pride, self pity, self value and a desire to be accepted by the crowd- things which stand in the way of true union with God.

Tozer encourages that no man who accepts he is weak before God and places his faith in a God who is all sufficient goes unrewarded, emphasizing that God’s presence is worth more than the world; in God, we are satisfied that even when we have nothing, we have everything because God gives rest to those whose minds are stayed on Him.

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