‘Guard your heart with all dilligence for out of it is the well spring of life’ – Proverbs 4:23
     Everything about life begins in your heart… İts inevitable.

‘To the pure in heart all things are pure, but to the defiled and unbeleiving, nothing is pure’ – Titus 1:15

The actions and reactions that you protray come out the way they do because that is exactly how your heart is… Kill the excuses.

‘ Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God’ – Mattew 5:8

God is attracted to a heart that desires true purity… Just be honest.

‘İt is not enough to clean up your act on the outside, God is concerned about our heart’ – John Piper.

There is no need to pretend. We can fool people with our outward acts, but God knows what we are really hiding. He wants us to be real with him.

İt sounds right to judge people by what they say or do to us without realising that we judge people right from our heart… the very seat of our personal thoughts.

They say things but we hear them and interprete from our thoughts, this often leads to misunderstanding.

The bibe says that faith comes by Hearing and Hearing the word of God. The first hearing has to do with our own reasoning while the second hearing is the actual word speaking or in this case, the other person speaking. İn other words we must hear twice in every situation. This is where the fruit of patience formed in you manifests in a behaviour called ‘ Listening’.

İt is true that we can be genuinly offended but we must Love first before we judge.  Listening is Love.

‘make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace’ – Ephisiens 4:3

To believe in Christs sacrifice is to understand that we all are fatally flawed but for His grace, we too would not deserve forgiveness but for his grace we wouldnt be able to forgive ourselves… A true conviction of this truth weakens you, it humbles you, it leaves nothing else but forgiveness and understanding in your heart… yes in your heart, right back at the start.    #Grace&PeaceFamily

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