Words For Life. 

I admit it,I am hopelessly vulnerable.

I have grown sentimental,

My sentiments have attached me.

They have made me sensitive…

Sensitive to words.
How do you do it?

What does it take to cough? 

To spew them out with no discretion whatsoever?.. How?

Do they speak to you before you speak them out?
Tell me,

These muses ever so soft 

And delicate to the touch,

How do you make them turn,

Give them spikes, pretty things laced with thorns… bleeding.
I cry for them…

Because they lung to be freed only to heal, 

They mourn because they want to be handled softly, and used sweetly.. Yes…

They are alive.. and they have needs.

If they could, everyday they would scream… Love Me Please!!! So I can love people too.. You see,
I have grown sentimental,

Carefully caressing words, holding them close to my chest.

I have learnt to embrace them warmly, gently…

Rocking them back and forth in my arms as I sing sweet songs and they coo softly. Like doves… 

I have learnt to set them free,

To heal other people just as they have healed me…

#BetterWriterSeries #LifeWords #SetYourWordsOnACourseToSpeakLife #LoveYourArt #LoveWords #WordsThatHeal #InstaPen #InstaWrites 


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