When I try to complain..

Words well up from behind my eyes as I type
them without format, stanza or protocol. I simply
need to eradicate the stench of annoyance that
has built up from years of not flushing my
system properly of irritation.
The log of wood in my left eye has grown a
canopy that is the habitat for my patience and
perhaps, I have become a patient nursing the
promises of my Comforter as I watch my kin
shiver in a cold world.
I want to dump my conscience, having found it
has been conditioned by the same Miss
Information that hails from The knowledge of
Good and Evil. Since I’ve fallen off that family
tree, I want to leave that Local Government Area
behind, but…
Lord You said if I left mother, father, sister,
brother and anything anyone for you I would
surely get more in return, but is this what you
meant? Should I really abandon these people to
their ways?
Yes?! I hear you saying ‘Yes’!!
Yes, why not Yes right? With one word, you solve
my dilemma and as usual where I’ve come to
sulk and pout, you suck me dry of depression
and pour out your peace. If I didn’t have you I
would surely have snapped like a twig
underneath a stampede.
Tomorrow I will have a smile for everyone, and
your words will crawl down the my heart only to
drip through my lips and ripples of joy and
praises will send waves of glory into eternity.
It is you, working in me, willing and doing your
thing. All they’ll see is you, while even I am
healed inside your startling power. My gratitude
is unspeakable but I know you know my
thoughts, so you know my expressions of worship
are merely outbursts of spirit pressure.
You are mine, and I am yours,
Your eternal Majesty;
The Lord of Light and Life,
The King of Heaven,
First Signatory of The Better Covenant,
Grand Architect of the Universe,
The Invisible Lord of Everything,
The Inventor of Music and Beauty,
The Chief Dispenser of Meaning,
The Author of Language and Progenitor of its
The Beginning The End,
The Boundary of Existence,
The Puzzle of Wisdom,
The Spirit of Truth,
The Way to Immortality,
The Conqueror of Death,
The Slayer of Nothingness,
My Father, Teacher, Healer, Provider, Shield,
Reward, Wisdom, Power, My God and Lord.
My Spirit, words must have been invented for
this very purpose, You!!!
The Love,
The Inventor of Lovers,
You better prepare, because I’m coming home to
praise you like you imagined from the beginning
of the world; and you know… You know.



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