And God said “let there be light”

And the big bang theory happened

God saw this was good

Then Lucifer became Satan

Making the hearts of men twisted
Preventing us from seeing the Spirit of life in use

We were doomed to only see dust wherever we stood

Until we became saw dust

The escapades to find light were endless with no result

When our philosophies became more supreme in our eyes than God’s

And then stepping stones became mountains

That even in recent times,

The reoccurrence of genesis to exodus with no revelation still happens

Because our eyes had been darkened

Remember when we were toddlers

And every theorist was a bluffer

We tried putting the switch on both sides

To see if it will stay

To see if there will be change

And just as the law is perfect

We ate the fruit and our minds perished

Because the Spirit was not in there

But I’m not trying to tell you anything different

Christ alone efficient

His grace alone is sufficient

And your minds to brace up!

So let your glass of space focus on Christ

To be identified by Him

And not dignified by any man

Cause’ when Christ is involved

The insignificant becomes magnificent

That reaching unto his hem

Throws all your past deeds
into abyss

And your first degree of light would be revealed

Our paths are clearer in Him

Becoming new brands in his clan

As we blossom
in His bosom

Even if I’m are wrong for thinking this way

If i am wrong for saying we choose Christ way

There is no logic to Him

For in Christ I’m determined

So you are ashamed of Him

Those of us at the back seat

He will be ashamed of you

In front of Our Papi

And even if you deny Him he can’t deny himself

For he is faithful enough to wait for you

But time waits for no man

So just Switch On to Christ

For in Him there is Light.



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