Niel: Follow suit, Four lines
We the cup we don’t pay fines
Never waiting till Sunday
Praise with me and its Son day

Praise: Son day is everyday
Not till Sunday
Do we praise still
Even today we don’t quit praise

Niel: Even today we don’t quit
Once I was a nitwit
It all changed on that Sunday
When God said, “my Son dey!”

Praise: My son dey
Never to go astray
If he ever strays
His back I still got

Niel: He’s back, I still got
The blood that won’t clot
In Acts won and ate
First Sunday till date

Cindy Dike: Son day is everyday
Not till Sunday
Do we praise still
Even today we don’t quit praise.

Praise: Till date
Cause of my son slain
Nothing takes you
Not even the devils game

Niel: Boom…

Not even the devils game
Can turn the tides and tame
The cubs reborn in that name.
After all the dude is lame

Praise: Dude so lame
I do be king
If the lamb is slain
But God was ruling the game

Niel: But God was ruling the game
And my issues still didn’t line up
So I stuck my trust on him
My downfall still hasn’t come up

Praise: Up still my trust still stood
Like UC I saw truth
Setting me free
Not wild but stiff

Uc Truth: He lied to you
‘I ll torment you in hell’!!,well I could too
It’s a trick, slick subtle to get you thinking he’s in control
Save it!!
He is in charge though
In, charged for raping humanity off God’s standard now a life sentence has left him wick: forever burning in flames

A life sentence: did you get it?
You have a life sentence so no phrase no matter how subtle should make you cower in fear

Or shed a tear
See, this is so clear

Even in Hell
God reigns supreme
Didi is in torment

So let’s say I somehow mistakenly snatch myself outta Christ’s palms

In hell: I ll be ridding on a colt,
And the devil ll be waving the palm

Niel: Not wild but stiff
Death shocked at my sniff
He’s Divine, in him I leaf
You see, saw, we got gifts

Praise: Gifts never had to pay for
Though daddy said work if you need more
But Gods word above the suit…

Zee : Stiff I stand
Glorying like sand
Its innumerable not bland
I live with flavor in every slang

Niel: And the devil’ll be waving the palm
Saying,’No more Sir, please Sir be calm!’
I see those that he wants to harm.
The Lord is my Head and I am
The mic at the end of his arm.

So listen oh sea and the land
The end of the end is at hand.

And we are the winners
I don’t mean Oyedepo
Though He’s a winner
You get what am saying though.

Zee : Suits, they stand with faces stern not to
Soothe, they weep. none to perform the act so
Smooth, I say he’s there to get you out to Grace paradise
Suite, yeah that’s where you’ll be in not the courts of law

Zee : You get what I’m saying though
Your donkey isn’t at the bough any more
You’ve got chariots now
You’re reigning supreme through fire and sooth

Niel: Flavor in every slang
Angels, nodding, hang
God’s word above the soot
Suit yourself or follow suit

Praise: Truth is all we do see
Lenses cleansed lest the view tainted all ceased
Blinded to moses
But Christ we see

Niel: Fire and Soot, courts of lore
Fire and sooth, purifier and more
Fire and suit, I’m saved you see?
Fire and suite, someone applaud Zee

Zee : Applauding Zee
Shes lacking Zest
Not that she needs a vest
She’s just got the best
Jesus, he makes me complete and forget the rest

Praise: I do forget the rest but this journey not complete yet
I am complete though
But to more Christ I preach yet

Zee : Yet it’s not I
Only he’s got eyes
Flaming like fire to melt the ice
Saving them from eternal demise

Niel: Jesus!!! And forget the rest
Tell the world to come and rest
Christ we see, our eyes are blessed.
Christ I preach? The answer, Yes!!

Uc Truth: With all due respect I’m not blind
Christ came so i’ll see Truth, so I have a clear mind
I’m no more in ‘C’hains
Totally raining under Christ’s ‘U’mbrella

You understand why I won’t take it lightly for any one trying to take me backwards from ‘U’ to ‘C’
Just because you won’t look @ the word left for you to see
See for you to see, you need to look
At Him
As for me UC’ I’m forever looking @ Truth

St Davinique: Sunday was chilly like a sundae in this time of rain but nonetheless Sons dey so we hail our King because He reigns…and some days sons just chill like it’s Sons day…Thy kingdom come they yell…tell the world the King dey. We surely invade!

Zee : Looking at truth
Way awesome than Ruth
I’ve got even better Roots
Its in him, I’ll kick in with Boots
Not like Puss in boots
Like The Redeemer’s Love I’m booked

You see, just flexing the U to the sea
Forget the Cee
Add the hue
And Christ is all YouSee, UceeTruth…

St Davinique: So bright it melts the Sun

Zee : (I was wondering
Trying not to go wandering
Maybe like the land of Nod
I’ll shake my head not nod
Like the lizard on the porch
It’ll rest in the dazing scorch
Till the scotch falls from brother’s hand
And christ is all he has )

Praise: I’m free from these chains
I have been changed
Not like Buhari’s change
Which seems to the people that they are back to the very fountain of chains.

St Davinique: Try to catch my breath but this love left me breathless, Caught in the cocoon of love that runs red and drips life..scrolls that taste like honey, that melt mountains into wax of praise…His presence, my hiding place on Sunday.

‪Tolu‬: Sunday! Set up a new ray. A wake to a gentle bliss. A reckon that “christ likes ” may stop their cry…. for christ is alive!!!! Oh yes HE HAS BURIED OUR SINS. Now grace is seen

Zee : Grace is seen
Smokey mirrors fade
We don’t care about smokey eye shadow
The shadows have cleared
Its all clear now
The express image of God
Not on my Sundays alone
His fellowship I carry always.

Doebi: Seen thee o Grace!
No two-sided mirrors
No more double-minded
Than the Son is.

His fellowship I carry always
And guess what
Even Death himself
Wouldn’t do us part!


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