Book Title : The Believer’s Authority
Book Author: Kenneth E. Hagin
Publisher  Name : Faith Library publications
Year of Publishing: 1986
Number of Pages : 94
Reviewer’s Name : Adaobi Chiemelu

The Believer’s authority is a Hagin book where he goes straight to the point in revealing results from his study on what the average believer has not discovered about his authority over the devil as part of the body of Christ. And like is usual for him, he first exposes us to scriptures that get us keen on learning about the authority that belongs to the believer, which he does not use at all or he does not use expediently.

On seeing the title of the book, one could question the subject, its roots, range and limits. When you open the book, you won’t be disappointed for Hagin dutifully does not just answer these questions, he goes on to expose his source and his experience in the period of his study. As he does so, he reminds us of who we became when we believed in Christ. Our position as opposed to the devil depends on Christ’s position as opposed to the enemy. After we are assured of existing authority that we may not have been wielding judging from our approaches to a lot of turns in our lives, he does not leave us there. He reveals to us using not just scripture, but a vision  he had the way to express our right and the boundaries to it.

Exercising authority could as well be regarded as prayer, the right prayer for any believer. Or better still, it is  done in the place of prayer. It is a right way to pray. The first step to using one’s authority as one granted victory over the devil is having an awareness; this is the truth knowledge that sets us free at the instant our spirits would have absorbed the rhema (word). In eight chapters the subject is investigated, carefully dividing scripture at each step. We would see even with natural examples how valid and even earthly useful our authority as believers is, against popular belief. Many believers are trapped in an awkward position where they spend more time trying to avoid temptation than they do familiarizing themselves with who they have become in Christ. This book has been written to these believers. The interpretation of Greek translations and Hagin’s visions as shared in the book may not go down well with some Christians though, who may look on such hints rather  suspiciously and consider them not to be trusted.

However I struggled between the urge to keep reading and the urge to flip back and re-read. Hagin seemed to plan for this by using repetition so that the reader is still in touch with everything said from the first chapter. The chapters are even sub-divided to make it easier for the reader to mentally group each principle as they apply to each specific sub-topic. Very simply written work in simple language. Being a 70 page book (excluding the preliminary pages), an 8 page notes space left at the back of the book adds a hand book feel to it.

You can easily have this book at a regular price in your nearest bookstore. And mind you, you couldn’t have read this book if you have only read a variant of it from another author. It is Hagin’s live illustrations that make this book yet another exceptional faith book!


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