Book Review: MOUNTAIN MOVING FAITH- By Kenneth E. Hagin


Reviewed by: Philipa Oraegbu

Author: Kenneth Erwin Hagin
Book: Mountain Moving Faith
Publishers: Faith Library Publications
Pages: 174pp

Kenneth Hagin (1917 – 2003), a man who at an early age was diagnosed as having a deformed heart and an incurable blood disease, got miraculously healed; following this, he began the “word of faith movement”, ministering round the world and teaching believers about the effectiveness of faith.

In his book, Mountain Moving Faith, Hagin tells the story of his healing. Using as a basis the study of Mark 21:22-26, he ascertains that a believer doesn’t need to pray for faith- every (true) believer already has the God-inspired kind of faith. He reveals the importance of faith in the Christian walk with God, and why every believer ought to ‘exercise’ their faith. Faith, he explains, is measurable, and ought not to remain stagnant but rather increase. He further teaches about having faith for finances and for the meeting of the need of others. Mountain moving faith teaches believers to use and grow their faith. 

The author’s use of life experiences to convey his message establishing every scripture he quotes with many more biblical references helps the believer to get an extensive understanding of the biblical concept of faith. Hagin also emphasizes that hoping isn’t merely believing, but is proved in its being acted upon.
Faith is the foundation of the Christian life. Without it, there is really no Christian life to speak of. All we will ever need is available for the taking. God has promised this. And this book simply makes this crystal clear.


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