everyday Jesus is not a “what if?” IDEA

what if I've got your future fixed? what if I had told you that by the wake of the day you would need not labour again? what if the phrase "bed of roses" becomes the reality you swim in; that you would need not raise a hand to get a water to sooth your thirsty soul? what if by tomorrow you are nowhere to be found in this realm where suffering has pitched its tent and all you've got before your gaze is eternity standing akimbo before you, showering on you that look that is better described as, "you can't tell me you missed Christ all the while you were on the planet called earth"? 
 so we have floated on the assumptions, gave no room for convictions, in fact, we have crowned ourselves demagogues happily pushing God to the side. they tell us about the wages of sin and the blessings of righteousness and all we ask is, "what if God is just a religious fabrication, a construct of the moralist?"
    so many things waiting for us to question their veracity, so many things the man of flesh would never be able to grasp, so many things begging for validation from the spirit man... and at the point of confirmation, our "what ifs" would reveal their foolishness: then we would understand that God is not and can never be a figment of our weak imagination...

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