I love you, but I can’t tell you so
I’m too proud of my castle, my stick-to-it place
I burn here in summer’s heat, freeze in winter’s chill
But I can’t tell you that I love you
I’m too afraid of love
I’m too afraid I’ll be disappointed
I’m scared it’ll fail

So we are separated
You’ve made me offers, I’ve looked hard at them
They seem sweet at times, tortuous moments later
You are a wonder and a strict blunt plainness
You are beautiful beyond measure
Too beautiful; I cringe and hide from your face, cos its too fair

You make demands I can’t fulfill
You tell me you’re for me, but I must give up first
I have nothing apart from my little castle, my heart’s small corner
Life’s ravages have stolen all else
My disappointments have eaten away at every other field
How can I finally die, just to come alive?

You are my longing, though my mind seldom recognizes this
This fight must end, this weary heart must find rest
So I give in to you nevertheless
If you’ve been this patient, you must truly care as you say
I’ve wanted not to hope
But hoping in you is the only chance I have
To stay alive.


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