The real man is made against nature

First is time, next is dime

Another is personified, Yes! Sophisticated

Forgetting that sometimes, ignorance is bliss

Picking up fruits from Eden

To satisfy the house that is today and gone tomorrow


To be or not to be?

Is the question thrown to every man today

Staining to be seen

Rather than abstaining to be glorious


The GET-RICH-QUICK-gadget has even flooded the hearts of children

Making them lack nutrients gotten from milk of this ‘era’

With many adults losing faith

Deserting the fact that the trying of faith gives life to patience

Patience which basks in the test of time

Even the time of my first line, the real man

For him, nothing is too late but in due season

Being in the country of Luke of 6:38 street

The currency in his hand aids the fulfillment of his purpose against the tide

Against the time

Against the 70years limit of old age and dim eyes

Against the hurricane that comes with its adage “Tsoon-na-me”

Against what’s far shunned

As a writer, his pen drops

To let the Spirit work

He voice ceases

To let the Spirit visit

Though nature thought of him as a target

Being fashioned by The King

The weapons of destruction were now made for decoration

That he may fulfill his mandate in his hometown .Genesis

Street 1, House 27.





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