Utter beauty
Purple sunset paints a faint portrait but still, its heart-snatching
Roaring, thundering to crash, smashing awe into stunned eart, waves to ears
Blossoming flowers, lush dainty things, delicate, love-recollecting
Terrible heights, mountains staring down monstrously upon little me
Rugged descents, steep sharp, trapping, enrapturing, as hawks soar
We gawk, even stand still, in rolling green pastures, sheep feed, dew thick downed, drenched grass slades
Sparkling landscape glittering gold as sun reflects extra-terrestrial splendour
I shut my eyes, breathe in, breathe out, sigh out a sign of deep seated gratitude
Someone gives us the life in which to behold these

My heart softens as children cheer and laugh and play joyfully in the streets
Simple innocence, reminiscent of perfect rest God affords us forever
This forever reflected now, from our soul’s deepest wells, to vast skies’ span, unscaled
When love grows slowly, then bursts forth in confession, lover to beloved, declared, revealed
ike surging waves furiously advancing our way, these spectacles unwrap
The indescribable feeling of being held by overwhelming, comforting, uplifting hands
No world would truly recount to our dim sensation; He, artist per-excellence,does
Makes our perceptions come alive to His rivetingly wondrous works
Makes us see, even through cracks from the dungeon of fallen man’s flesh, brilliant light
Helps us make sense of strips scattered abroad, splintered pieces from a once perfect world
We see these best when we’re there, here with Him
When God smiles upon us.


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