Movie Review: COURAGEOUS -by Udousoro William .J




Title: Courageous

Producers: Kendrick Brothers

Movie length: 2 hours, 1 minute and 9 seconds

Location: Albany and Lee County, Georgia


The Review

The movie begins with a blast of suspense filled action and maintains that tempo; in fact it gets hotter and hotter with a splendid blend of tragedy, values, drama and humour. It goes ahead with a smooth interfacing of real life issues from the issues of the average family, to the dangers of an underworld drug ring, to the power of faith based decisions in overcoming real life issues. The two hour family movie runs with the theme of family values and in particular fatherhood by God’s standard.

The movie begins with Nathan Hayes (played by Ken Bevel) who recently relocating to Albany almost gets car jacked with his baby in the car, it continues with short depictions of the lives of Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick), Shane Fuller (Kevin Downes), David Thompson (Ben Davies) and Javier Martinez (Robert Amaya). The turning point occurs when Adam Mitchell loses his nine year old daughter in a tragic accident, causing him to reconsider his pattern of life, this change causes a ripple effect in the lives of the other men and their family as they mingle and associate in the most unlikely of manners, discovering faith, family and courage.

Nathan Hayes is a cop who gets transferred to Albany from Atlanta, he is scarred by the absence of the father he never had and subconsciously tries to prove to his long dead father he is worth being loved, he holds a unique relationship with his teenage daughter who gets a lot of attention from boys and whom he in an ingenious manner calms her desire for love.

Adam Mitchell is the middle aged cop and father who’s world gets turned upside down at the death of his daughter, he begins to have sober realizations of the kind of father he is. His new found insight compels his friend to sign the ‘resolution’ and this carries with it unseen and unanticipated consequences.

Shane Fuller, with a quick sense of humour, a cop who’s live hurts from the sting of divorce. He struggles between his honour and his pride, a battle he eventually ends up handling from the wrong end.

David Thompson, the youngest of the bunch who seems a little bit trigger happy, he is caught in the web of things, with a gruelling and dark past which cripples him from the action his conscience demands. He eventually talks with Nathan Hayes and made the most transforming decision, this in turn spins his life in the most courageous direction possible.

Javier Martinez, the only non-cop in the gang, a hard worker who puts his trust in God and goes all out for his family but is strangled by financial pressures, he gets a break in a new job and things seem to be going better until he is faced by the ultimate challenge; to sell his honour and gain it all or walk blindly on the path of faith and risk losing it all.

At the end of the movie, you’ll probably be fumbling with the remote to play it again from the start and maybe have a tear or two in your eye. With an excellent story line, standard production quality and professional acting we’ll have to give the movie an eight point five (8.5) out of ten (10) ranking. The movie set a standard in the Christian movie industry that many consider yet to be beaten.

Reviewer: Udousoro William


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