Reviewer: Beatrice Ani


Lori Wick’s The Pursuit is a Christian Romance fiction published in the year 2003. It’s actually the fourth and the last of a series, the preceding titles being The Proposal, The Rescue and The Visitor. This particular novel captures man’s betrayal of man, the need to come to terms with the past (lest it continues to haunt), the need to learn (positively) from these experiences, and to trust God and His sovereignty in every moment of our lives.
The novel opens with Edward Steele, one of the major characters, writing a letter to his elder brother Henry, about his intention to join him and the rest of his siblings for Christmas. But he has no idea what was to result from his trip. He, Edward Steele, boards a ship and heads home. In the ship he meets a lady on the run disguised in a man’s attire and her (his) servant who happens to be Edward’s roommate. Meanwhile, nobody on board notices the lady’s disguise until Edward’s roommate becomes critically ill, fears he might die and asks Edward to protect him. Edward soon discovers that “Mr Osborne” the Boss is actually a woman. Despite this discovery, he still stands on his word to protect the two strangers. Circumstances seem to conspire to bring the three together; an undying attraction develops between Edward and the lady. His entrance into her life leads to her being converted to the Christian faith, as Edward’s christian life makes a great impression upon her. She learns to trust God, to be a better mother to her kids, to get over the  betrayals she has experienced, and  to surmount the fear she has for the mother of her late husband.
  Although a sequel, it can be enjoyed by the reader, as its storyline is not inseparably intertwined with the preceding books in the series. The mystery surrounding the main female character makes the novel engaging. Though it is easy to read, one will not fail to notice that it does not stray from the normal romance plot line, and this makes the novel very predictable. The author’s use of scriptures to solve some basic challenges of the main character helps to properly highlight the sovereignty of God in varying situations.
   This book however has its imperfections.  I’ll note one- and that’s in its ending. Its “concluding” part was, for me, rather confusing, boring and overly extended. Nevertheless, it is on the whole a really good work. I  recommend this novel especially to folks who are being driven away from a worthwhile and fulfilling life “by” their past. The devil keeps pursuing you until you turn to the cross and make a decision to face and deal with your past. And its also for all ye fans of the Romance genre: this is a clean Christian book for you.


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